Recipes from Clarke’s Chefs

Tasting is believing! Clarke chefs are constantly developing new recipes that showcase the extraordinary features of different Wolf appliances. Search by type of appliance or food (desserts, side dishes, etc.)

Noodle Kugel

This traditional Hanukkah dish can be a sweet side dish or even used as a dessert.


Yukon Gold Potato Cakes with Salmon and Lemon Crème Fraiche

Elegant and appetizing, this side dish is the perfect way to easily impress your guests.


Pea and Parmesan Fritters

Golden crispy outside with a warm cheesy inside, these Pea and Parmesan Fritters are easy to create and delicious to eat!


Crispy Salami topped with Cannellini Beans and Arugula

Easy to make and tasty to eat, this side dish is the perfect way to add some color and flavor to any meal.


Crispy Artichokes with Truffle Aioli

These crispy, golden-brown fried artichokes are the perfect appetizer or side dish. As an added bonus, you and your guests will not even taste the difference between the frozen artichokes and without the mess.


Corn Fritters with Spicy Maple Butter Sauce

As fall is right around the corner, this easy recipe is a great way to begin the new season. The golden outside crunch of the corn fritter melts in your mouth as the spicy maple butter sauce will sure to keep you warm on cold fall days.


Cheddar Cheese Biscuits with Pulled Pork

Perfect for a game day meal, the tender pulled pork and tasty cheddar biscuits work so well together that it will be a winning dish at any party.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Just thinking of bacon-wrapped anything, is sure to get the taste buds going. The marinated chicken compliments the bacon perfectly, and it is an easy way to impress any guest.


Apple Cinnamon Zeppole with Brown Sugar Bourbon Sauce

Perfect for a side dish or a dessert, these Apple Cinnamon Zeppole with Brown Sugar Bourbon Sauce are sure to be a hit at any gathering with the taste of the apple filling and touch of bourbon.


McClarke Biscuits

This is Clarke’s delicious, quick, and easy take on the fast-food breakfast sandwich that will sure to have your guests ordering more.


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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

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