Tested for Dependability

Wolf offers a proven, professional kitchen pedigree, the service of a family-owned and -operated company, and pioneering products built and tested to last for over 20 years of predictably delicious dishes.

A Lifetime of Support

Wolf stands by their products with industry-leading warranties, a best-in-class customer service team of experts in Madison, Wisconsin, and a network of hand-selected and trained installers and service technicians.

Different Types of Heat

Whatever your preferred cooking method—gas, induction, or electric—there is a well-crafted appliance for you. Each offers Wolf's unrivaled power, precision, and proven performance.

Dual Stacked Burners

Dual-stacked, sealed burners offer precise temperature adjustment offer everything from a true simmer to up to 20,000 Btu for intense sears and fast boils.

Gourmet Mode

Gourmet Mode is designed to make cooking easy. Simply follow the directions on the screen, select the options, set it, and go!

Temperature Probe

Every Wolf oven come with a temperature probe. Just insert the probe, tell your oven what temperature you want your food done at, and your oven will let you know when it's done!
At Clarke you’ll find everything Wolf has to offer including ranges, convection steam ovens, and ovens all to match the style of your kitchen. From crusty artisan breads to grilled, glorious steaks, Wolf equips cooks with the confidence to create the meals that the most delicious memories are made of.