Cove Premium Dishwashers

Visit one of Clarke’s kitchen appliance showrooms in Milford and Boston, MA and South Norwalk, CT to explore for yourself a new kind of clean with Cove dishwashers. Cove is the product of nearly a decade of development and engineering and incorporates the dedication to quality found in every Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance. Cove appliances include thoughtful features that meet their owners’ real needs. Through multiple rounds of focus groups and field testing, Sub-Zero Group, Inc. uncovered four common pain points consumers have with their dishwashers: cleanliness, loading flexibility, drying quality, and noise.  Cove reaches the highest standards of luxury performance in all four:

  • Cleanliness: Forty-three jets, three spray arms, a four-stage water filtration system and cycle options work together to ensure clean water reaches the dirtiest dishes and cleans them the first time, every time, with no prewashing necessary.
  • Loading flexibility: There are infinite possibilities when it comes to loading. Adjustable racks and tines can accommodate uniquely shaped dishes and dishware configurations.
  • Drying quality: Fan-assisted drying, a hotter final rinse, rinse aid and specially angled tines to prevent pooling result in dishes that are spotlessly clean and dry, with no need for drying with a towel after the cycle is complete.
  • Noise minimization: Cove has a nearly silent operation, including an “extra quiet” cleaning mode to ensure it will never interrupt a conversation.

What’s More – Cove offers Connectivity and is Panel-Ready

Cove appliances also include an Internet connectivity feature, allowing users to set up and start wash cycles – and receive notifications when cycles are complete or supplies are needed – all from their mobile device.

Plus, your Cove dishwasher can be purchased in sleek stainless steel with hardware to match your other Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances or be clad in the same finish as your cabinetry, allowing it to disappear in your kitchen. Both inside and out, your Cove dishwasher is built with quality materials and designed to last for 20 years or more.

Test Cove Dishwashers at Clarke in Boston or Milford, MA & South Norwalk, CT

To learn more about these extraordinary appliances and take a test drive for yourself before purchasing, visit a Clarke Showroom in Boston, MA, Milford, MA or Norwalk, CT. Located just a short drive from many of New England’s largest cities, our showrooms allow homeowners, kitchen designers and interior designers to see and test Cove appliances before purchasing at an authorized Cove retail dealer. This means that when you visit Clarke, you’ll feel no pressure to buy – just try out the appliances you’re interested in to see which one best suites you.

Make an appointment today to visit a Clarke Showroom in Boston or Milford, Massachusetts or Norwalk, Connecticut. Simply call 800-842-5275 to schedule an appointment, or stop by during our showroom hours to browse our appliances and find kitchen design inspiration.