July 8, 2022

Kitchen Appliance Trends to Modernize Your Kitchen

Wolf and Sub-Zero lead the industry in pioneering kitchen appliance trends.

The term “kitchen appliance trend” is used so frequently today that we forget the true meaning of the word trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing. In the appliance industry, trends seldom happen overnight. The technology and design of kitchen appliances takes years to develop and often takes even longer for homeowners to adopt. Here you will find a list of trends that have been embraced by homeowners as kitchen enhancements that truly make life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen.

Mix and match Wolf double ovens for ultimate performance.

Mix & Match Your Double Ovens

While many homeowners come into Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen, assuming they want a traditional double wall oven, they often change their minds when they learn all the new options. According to Clarke Showroom Consultant Lee Maida, about 8 out of 10 homeowners who visit a Clarke Showroom make the switch from a traditional double oven to pairing a single Wolf wall oven with the Wolf Convection Steam Oven after learning about its versatility. “In fact,” she says, “ more homeowners add a Wolf Convection Steam Oven to their kitchen design plan than any other appliance.” That’s the realization of a trend! Plus, you no longer have to think “over and under” for your double ovens, as a side-by-side installation can look great and allow for easy access to both.

Kitchen appliance trends include installing two ovens side-by-side.

What surprises homeowners the most is that you can roast a 23 lb. turkey in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. As a 24” oven, it appears small, but due to the rear convection fan, which circulates the air evenly, you can fit a lot into this oven. According to Maida, “When a Wolf Convection Steam Oven is your second oven, you use it constantly! Some who are tight for space – with empty-nester condos or summer cottages – actually make the Wolf Convection Steam Oven their only oven.”

Check out this three-minute overview of this trending oven:

YouTube video


Some say the Wolf Convection Steam Oven is the most versatile appliance you’ll ever own. It’s like having three ovens in one. It can be used as a traditional convection oven, in which you can roast and brown meats and vegetables or bake desserts. It can also be used exclusively as a steam oven to steam vegetables, make rice, eggs and a myriad of other foods. Plus, it can be used as a combination steam/convection oven for the many times your food will be enhanced by the introduction of steam. What’s even more exciting is you’ll find 10 Gourmet Modes in the CSO to make your life easier and take all the guesswork out of creating flawless meals!

If you’d like to learn more, attend a complimentary in-person demonstration with a Clarke chef who will answer all your questions.

A Wolf Warming Drawer is often overlooked on Kitchen Appliance Trend lists.

Keep Meals Warm in a Busy Home

Sometimes kitchen appliance trends become popular simply because they make life easier. It’s no secret that preparing a well-balanced meal and getting all the dishes on the table at the same time in a busy home is a challenge. The pressure increases when you are entertaining for a large family and friends. Add this appliance to make all the difference: a Wolf Warming Drawer.

A Wolf Warming Drawer can be ordered with stainless steel containers.

Taking up literally no more space than a kitchen drawer, this versatile appliance can be ordered with stainless steel containers that will hold each side dish in its own compartment. Without the insert, you can keep large loaves of bread, or even the plates themselves, warm for the moment your family or guests are ready to eat. Unlike simply leaving your food in the oven longer, the Wolf Warming Drawer provides an environment that holds food at your desired temperature without drying it out. It is also the reliable way to proof bread dough or reheat baked goods.

The Wolf Speed Oven is one of the newest kitchen appliance trends.

Move over Microwave!

The Wolf Speed Oven is a relative newcomer to kitchen appliance trends. Imagine the efficient heat distribution and browning capabilities of a convection wall oven paired with the power, speed and compact size of a microwave. You’ll find 12 cooking modes to assure you the best combination of speed, heat and control. The Wolf Speed Oven, like the Convection Steam Oven, is a perfect mate for a traditional Wolf wall oven to create that “double-oven look.” A Clarke Showroom demonstration can help you select which combination of ovens best suits your lifestyle.

The Wolf Induction Range take the induction cook trend to a new level.

The Newest Trend in Induction Cooking

You may know the concept of induction cooking from energy-efficient cooktops, but Wolf has changed everything with their Induction Range. Newly redesigned in 2021, the Wolf Induction Range combines the unparalleled performance of a Wolf Induction Cooktop with the power and finesse of Wolf’s latest convection oven technology. In place of Wolf’s iconic red knobs , you’ll find a completely integrated touch control panel on top. From the company that has engineered the best combinations of performance and control in many appliances, the Wolf Induction Range offers the most advanced cooking technology available.

Sub-Zero and Wolf Connected Appliance app is a kitchen appliance trend that offers many benefits

While it may seem like all of the newest kitchen appliance trends we’ve talked about are cooking appliances, there are phenomenal trend-setting options on the refrigeration side of the kitchen too. From Sub-Zero’s new ADA-height Refrigeration to Sub-Zero’s legendary Wine Storage and their Connected Smart Appliances, you owe it to yourself to visit a Clarke Showroom to immerse yourself in all of the classic models and newest trends.