January 7, 2022

Five Ways a Warming Drawer Will Win You Over


Every home cook knows how difficult it can be to prepare a well-balanced meal and get all the dishes on the table at the same time. These days, it’s tougher than ever, as busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles mean families don’t get to sit down together as often as they used to. And if you entertain frequently, the pressure can be intense. You have so many things to keep straight: Will the soup still be warm? Are the rolls done yet? Did I forget to make the peas? Instead of enjoying your dinner party or game night with guests, you’re in the kitchen — moving fast, slightly stressed, and focused on making sure everything comes together when it’s time to eat.

If this sounds like you, a warming drawer can be a game-changer!

Warming drawers have been helping home cooks serve meals at the perfect time and temperature since the 1950s. They’re designed to keep food at the proper heat level for an extended period but also used for warming other items. In home kitchens, they’re usually installed under the oven in place of a second full-size oven but can be installed independently — like in the kitchen island (or even in a bathroom — see reason #4 below). Perhaps it’s time you get to know more about them! These are the top five reasons a warming drawer could be the perfect addition to your home.

warming drawer with several serving trays of food

  1. All the food is on the table. Same time. Perfect temperature.

Warming drawers can keep food at the appropriate serving temperature for hours. And importantly, they do it without compromising the food’s quality. They preserve the food’s flavor, color, consistency, and nutrition, so the results are as delicious as you intended them to be. When you or your partner work late or the kids have evening sporting events or school activities, a warming drawer will keep their food at the proper temperature, so they can enjoy it no matter when they get home. 

And imagine having all your holiday or dinner party side dishes prepared hours before your guests arrive. They’re tucked into the warming drawer, and when it’s time to eat, you pull out the standing rib roast, let it rest while you put the sides on the buffet, and invite your guests to serve themselves. No stress. No drama. And you’ve been able to enjoy time with your family and friends knowing the meal will be a delight.

  1. Toasty dishes keep food warm. (And make people feel good.)

While heating up plates and bowls before serving seems unnecessary, maybe even extravagant, you’ll be amazed at how much it improves the dining experience. There’s obviously a practical benefit: Your warm food doesn’t meet that cool plate and lose heat to it. That’s great! But there’s another, less tangible benefit: When your guests pick up toasty dishes at the buffet to serve themselves or your kids pull warm plates toward themselves before digging in, it’s simply comforting. In addition to their sense of sight, smell, and taste, you’ve engaged their sense of touch. People notice it, they will remember it, and you will wish you had always warmed your dishes.

  1. Want a reliable way to proof bread dough and reheat baked goods?

A warming drawer uses fans to distribute heat evenly without drafts. It maintains a consistent low temperature over time. And this creates a perfect environment for proofing dough, which is the final step of rising that happens before baking bread. Sure, you can let your dough rise at room temperature, but a warming drawer gives you more predictability and faster results. You can also proof it in a full-size oven set to a low temperature, but this means you can’t use your oven for anything else until the dough has risen. The same characteristics that make it ideal for proofing dough also make it great for reheating other baked goods, like rolls and left-over pizza, without drying them out. 

warming drawer in bathroom with robes in it

  1. You can warm more than food and dishes.

While warming drawers are most often used to keep food at an appropriate temperature, you can also use them to warm clothing, towels, and blankets. So, they’ve become popular in bathrooms, bedrooms — even outside! Imagine drying off with warm towels and then donning a heated bathrobe on a chilly morning. See yourself handing your poolside guests toasty towels as they step out of the hot tub. And think about snuggling into a warm blanket — whether you’re on the couch watching TV or stargazing on your back porch. These are all satisfying ways a warming drawer can enhance your life outside the kitchen.

  1. Control, comfort, and peace of mind.

A warming drawer puts you in control of timing and temperature, so every dish is ready to serve, no matter when your family, friends, and other guests sit down. But it does more than that: It changes how you cook and entertain by transforming activities that used to be stressful at times into more relaxing, enjoyable pursuits. And that leads to better dining experiences for you and for the people who enjoy the dishes and meals you’ve created for them.

About Wolf Warming Drawers

Wolf is a leading manufacturer of ranges, cooktops, ovens, and warming drawers. Their warming drawers are engineered to preserve food temperature and quality without compromising flavor or consistency. They distribute even heat at temperatures from 80 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used to warm food, dishes, and towels. At 30 inches wide, they can accommodate six full-size dinner plates or multiple entrées and side dishes easily. And there are options for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Read more about Wolf warming drawers, their features, and uses in this related article, and we hope you’ll reach out to witness them in action in one of our showrooms. Call 800-842-5275 or fill out an appointment request online. We look forward to helping you learn more about this versatile kitchen appliance!