October 2, 2020

A Warming Drawer Will Make a Big Difference in Your Kitchen


A Wolf warming drawer is one of those appliances that kitchen designers recommend and homeowners are thrilled that they did. It may not be top of mind when you are imagining your dream kitchen, however a warming drawer, when well-engineered, can make your life exponentially better. Taking up just 30” in width and less than 11” in height, this appliance can assure that everyone has a perfectly warm meal no matter what time they arrive at your table.

Wolf warming drawers are a great addition to any kitchen

While many homeowners trust the designer who recommends a warming drawer, they really appreciate why this is a great investment when they visit Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen. Here you can see the appliance installed and understand how the features will enhance your life:

  1. A Wolf warming drawer distributes heat evenly from 80 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit using fans.
  2. The wide range of preset temperatures for foods like bread, cooked cereals and pizza make operation a breeze.
  3. The 30-inch warming drawer allows both entrées and side dishes to fit easily.
  4. There is an automatic shut-off control removing any worry that you’ll leave this appliance on hours after it’s needed.
  5. You can select the handle/front panel on your Wolf Warming Drawer to match your Wolf wall ovens or other appliances (professional, contemporary or transitional.)
  6. You may want to add the custom 6-piece container set that fits perfectly into your warming drawer and keeps food moist and prevents moisture from building up on warming drawer surfaces.

The Wolf six-piece container set keeps food moist in your warming drawer
You’ll Love Warming More Than Just Food!

One of the most exciting things about the Wolf warming drawer is its ability to warm much more than food! In fact, many homeowners rave about its ability to warm plates to accept dessert or brunch foods and preserve their temperature while guests gather. Others use them to keep coffee cups or soup bowls warm for a party. What a luxury!Warm dishes in your warming drawer

And many have embraced using Wolf warming drawers for towels or even robes (yes, it’s UL approved for this use)! This one appliance can upgrade your master bedroom or bath to become a home spa. Imagine stepping into your heated robe or wrapping yourself in a toasty warm towel when exiting your shower.

Turn your master bath or bedroom into a spa with Wolf

A Delightful Surprise – Warmth in Your Outdoor Kitchen
Nestle this amazing appliance into your outdoor kitchen

For those who like to think completely out of the box, Wolf offers their 30” warming drawer engineered for outdoor living. Yes, you can use it for keeping barbecue foods warm when cooking in your outdoor kitchen, or you can nestle towels inside the warming drawer so that everyone stepping out of the pool (especially during evening hours) is wrapped in comfortable warmth.


If you’d like to witness the exciting benefits of these appliances for yourself, schedule a visit (in person or by phone or video) to Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen. Not only can you see a Wolf warming drawer for yourself, you can also tap into the knowledge of a Clarke Consultant whose expertise will help answer all of your questions about warming drawers and so much more.

For your reference, model numbers are: WWD30 – Wolf 30” Warming Drawer, WWD30O- Wolf 30”

Outdoor Warming Drawer and Item #808259 – Wolf 6-Piece Container Set.