June 25, 2021

Learn to Use Luxury Kitchen Appliances With Clarke’s Chef

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Designing a kitchen with luxury kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf is step one; step two is learning to use them.

You’ve imagined your new kitchen complete with luxury kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove. It’s finally done. Now what? The answer could be to “Ask the Chef” at Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen.

“When I bought my Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, I thought I was a decent cook,” said Jane, a homeowner who recently built her dream seaside home on the ocean in Rhode Island. “But I felt, with some instruction, I could be a great cook with my new appliances.” So Jane took advantage of every culinary opportunity Clarke had to offer. Even before she selected her appliances, she attended a Clarke Product Demonstration led by one of the company’s professional chefs at their Milford, Massachusetts showroom (one of three in New England).

“It was great to spend an hour watching and listening to the chef explain what each of the appliances could offer me,” Jane explained. “After that, I knew I wanted a Wolf Convection Steam Oven.” Jane took copious notes at the demonstration and got the recipes for all of the dishes that were prepared at the event. She was told she could come back after she purchased her luxury kitchen appliances to garner more tips and tricks about cooking on Wolf.

Her kitchen was completed right before COVID hit. “The pandemic was kind of a blessing for me,” Jane confessed. “It gave me the time to really focus on cooking. However, I’m not a ‘read the manual’ kind of person. I need someone to show me how to do something. So, I thought I’d try Clarke’s Ask the Chef service.”

Chef Shelby offers Clarke customers Zoom video cooking demonstrations where you can learn about all of the features and benefits of Wolf luxury kitchen appliances.

Luxury Kitchen Appliance Cooking Lessons via Zoom

Chef Shelby in Clarke’s Boston Showroom was right there to help…via Zoom. “I set up an appointment with Chef Shelby and told her I wanted to learn all about the functions of my new Wolf Convection Steam Oven (CSO). She set up an hour once a week for us to go over not only the CSO, but also my new Wolf Convection Oven.” Armed with her iPad, Jane was able to see and communicate with her Clarke Chef, who was in the Boston Showroom Demonstration Kitchen.

Chef Shelby was so patient and professional,” Jane continued. “She asked about what my family liked to eat and we discussed how the CSO would allow me to cook new dishes for my vegan daughter and also refresh bread, which is one of my husband’s favorite features. She gave me the confidence, creativity and ideas to really expand my cooking repertoire.”

Many Clarke luxury kitchen appliance customers prefer a live or Zoom cooking demonstration to pouring through manuals to understand the exciting features of Wolf appliances.

Party Time with Your Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Once she had done some cooking on her own, Jane decided to host an outdoor dinner party at their new home with close family and friends. She planned a menu of fish, chicken, vegetables and more. Her objective was to truly address the food preferences of every guest. As the party came closer, she realized she might be in over her head, so she once again called on Chef Shelby, who coached her on how to fillet the fish and how to prepare and cook all of the dishes successfully by calling on the special features that only Wolf luxury kitchen appliances can offer.

“Shelby changed my life,” Jane shares enthusiastically. “You can buy the appliances, and they’ll look great, but when you tap into all of the services Clarke offers once you own the appliances, that’s where you learn all the tips and tricks that will make your life easier. I still tune into the online Clarke Chef Demos twice a month whenever I can. I always learn something new.”

Designed with Care

Jane is quick to compliment many others who have helped her on her kitchen design journey. Her interior designer, Jill Law, was an inspiration and a guide for Jane’s new oceanside home. And Jane’s sister, Debby Krim, also brought her wonderful art and sensibilities to Jane’s new space.

“Through the design community and our customers we meet so many interesting and talented people,” says President Sean Clarke. “The Clarke team is delighted when homeowners share their resources. We also love when they take us up on the offer to become part of the Clarke family and truly take advantage of all of the benefits of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove ownership. I like to say that when you buy Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliances in New England, they come with a professional chef. Jane really tapped into  the knowledge we offer before and after your kitchen is completed. She is a wonderful reminder to me that our services do make a difference.”