October 14, 2022

Newly Remodeled Sub-Zero Refrigerators Have Innovative Features You Will Love

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For more than 75 years, Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers have been recognized for their stunning design. But the reason they’ve been best-selling appliances for decades is about more than just looks. Since 1945, Sub-Zero has been the leading pioneer and innovator in food preservation techniques — from inventing dual refrigeration in the 1950s to creating systems for precise temperature control to adapting NASA technologies for air purification. And for Sub-Zero’s Classic and Designer series of refrigerators and freezers, the next generation of innovation and design is here.

Here’s What’s New in the Next Gen Sub-Zero Refrigerators and Freezers

Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers have delighted customers with their advanced preservation technologies, stunning design, and consistent quality for more than six decades. But the newly remodeled Classic and Designer models include exciting, innovative features and an elegantly redesigned interior that will make owning a Sub-Zero even more enjoyable and rewarding. Here’s what you can expect when the new models come to our showroom in 2023.

Precise temperature and humidity control to keep food fresh

split climate

Sub-Zero’s newly redesigned Classic and Designer refrigerators now feature a Split Climate™ intelligent cooling system that takes already-superior preservation capabilities to the next level. While other brands’ temperatures can fluctuate — sometimes dramatically — the Split Climate™ system is designed to consistently maintain your refrigerator’s temperature within one degree of its setting. Sub-Zero has also introduced humidity control into the crisper drawers, which will help you extend the life of fruits and vegetables and save money by wasting less.

Bright lighting when you need it; night mode when you don’t


Sub-Zero’s new Clearsight™ LED lighting fully illuminates the interior by adding light where you need it most — overhead, under each shelf, and in each crisper drawer. Even when your refrigerator is fully stocked, you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. And when the sun goes down and ambient light is low, the appliance’s new night mode adjusts the interior lighting, reducing brightness by up to 90% when the refrigerator door is opened.

Flexible, spill-controlled shelving to optimize storage

Groceries come in all shapes and sizes — and Sub-Zero’s enhanced shelving provides clever, flexible options, so you can accommodate them all with ease. Sub-Zero has redesigned the refrigerator’s on-door shelving system to include easily adjustable shelves that can be positioned at various heights based on your needs. In the spacious dairy compartment, they’ve added a flip-up base: You can use the compartment to store dairy or other items, but if you need more space for tall items, you can simply flip the base up to make extra height available for storage on the shelf below.

There are a few additional shelving features coming to the Classic series: The nano-coated, hydrophobic coated glass shelves already present in the Designer series are now in Classic models. With the perimeter of each glass shelf lined with a nano coating, spills are contained, making cleanup a breeze. In the Classic series over-and-under freezer, you’ll find an expandable freezer basket, and in the side-by-side model, a redesigned ice maker compartment with a flip-up freezer shelf, both of which provide additional flexibility to easily store larger items.

Easy access touch control to manage settings


The newly remodeled Classic and Designer series refrigerators provide a touch control system that is conveniently located on the shelf frame above the crisper drawer. Simply open the door, and with the tap of a finger, you can easily adjust settings — from lighting to humidity levels — customizing them to meet your unique needs.

Air purification for preservation and safety


Some fresh foods aren’t meant to be stored together. Here’s why: Some fruits and vegetables, like apples, pears, and potatoes, emit ethylene gas — a natural gas that helps ripen fruit and vegetables. Others, including carrots, cauliflower, and cucumbers, are highly sensitive to ethylene. When stored with ethylene producers, carrots can become bitter, while cauliflower and cucumbers yellow and decay more quickly. To extend the life of your fruits and veggies, Sub-Zero has adapted technology used by NASA to create an air purification system that scrubs the entire volume of air in the refrigerator every 20 minutes — a process that reduces ethylene, odors, viruses, and bacteria.

And that’s not all.


In the newly remodeled Classic and Designer series, Sub-Zero has brought the elegant design of the exterior inside, with sleek stainless accents trimming the interior. Never has the inside of a refrigerator looked more sophisticated. And avid entertainers will love the Classic series’ new 48-inch French Door Refrigerator/Freezer with its impressive capacity.

The new models have all the proven features of earlier models, including wi-fi connectivity, magnetic door sealing, freshness cards, and the ability to connect to multiple appliances on the Sub-Zero app. And they still come with an industry-leading warranty and unparalleled customer service — a well-recognized hallmark of Sub-Zero. We know you’re as excited to see them as we are!

What’s next? The next generation Classic and Designer series models are due in showrooms in early 2023. Register to be notified of their arrival by filling out this form. And if you’d like to learn more about them now or test drive current models, we hope you’ll request an appointment online to schedule time with a Clarke consultant.