June 26, 2020

Sub-Zero: Your Best Investment – Part 3


Sub-Zero’s Quality is in the Details

 In Part 2 of our Sub-Zero Refrigeration series, we looked at how dual compressors, superior air and water purification, as well as patented door seals make all the difference in Sub-Zero’s unparalleled food preservation. Yet the reasons to invest in a Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer go beyond even those compelling features. Since 1945, Sub-Zero has been driven by a philosophy of quality that is second to none in the appliance industry. While quality may be used as a buzzword with some brands, Sub-Zero’s dedication to quality engineering, manufacturing and testing is exemplified through hundreds of details that add up to the world’s finest built-in refrigeration.

Each Sub-Zero Refrigerator is built to last a minimum of 20 years.
Here are a few of the details that ensure that longevity…

  1. Sub-Zero didn’t get into the refrigerator business by purchasing another brand’s refrigeration production (like many others in the high-end appliance market); the company was founded to engineer and manufacture the world’s best refrigerators and freezers right in the U.S.
  2. Sub-Zero’s superior microprocessor is engineered to monitor and control your refrigerator’s precise temperature within one degree of its setting.
  3. In addition to designing the world’s first built-in refrigeration, Sub-Zero Founder Westye Bakke was the first to design refrigerator drawers. The shelving and drawers in today’s Sub-Zero are made of Lexan, a bullet-proof material found in jets and taxicabs. Members of the Clarke team have actually taken a rubber mallet to these shelves and they don’t shatter or even slightly crack.
  4. Nanotechnology is incorporated into Sub-Zero’s Designer Series so that spills on glass shelves will puddle instead of spreading or dripping to another level.
  5. Service is made easier with convenient removable grilles, so that your Sub-Zero doesn’t need to be pulled out of its opening for diagnosis or repair (saving both time and wear on your floors.)
  6. The quality of raw materials matters. High-grade stainless steel has always been the hallmark of a Sub-Zero. It is not fingerprint-proof. While materials that offer “no fingerprints” may sound good, they represent a lower-quality steel. The same goes for “stainless” that is magnetized.

Sub-Zero’s People = Quality Products

 Working on the manufacturing floor at Sub-Zero is a highly respected job. While much is understandably made of the company’s superior engineering, the attention to detail during every step of manufacturing and product testing is second to none.

Every person who works on the manufacturing line for a Sub-Zero PRO refrigerator is hand selected. To work on this iconic refrigerator assembly, employees must have a minimum of 10 years of experience at the factory. It takes four times longer to produce a Sub-Zero PRO than any other Sub-Zero refrigerator. Every weld is done by hand and detailed handcraftsmanship is found in every corner of the unit.

Every single unit is tested before it ships. Most brands tout their testing, but they only test one, maybe two, units per manufacturing run. Sub-Zero tests every single unit for a minimum of 5 hours. Some go through more rigorous 24-hour testing.

Want to learn more?

When you are investing in appliances, you should have every question answered. Customers report that they learn more in two hours at a Clarke Showroom than they do in two months of their own research.

Allow a Clarke Showroom Consultant to answer all of your questions by phone, video or in person. Every member of the Clarke Showroom team has extensive training on Sub-Zero refrigeration and can help you select the model or models that will achieve both your food preservation goals and your design vision.

See How a Sub-Zero PRO48 is Actually Made

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