February 19, 2021

Clarke’s Top 10 Luxury Kitchen Appliances of 2020


Clarke’s top 10 luxury kitchen appliances are in the best high-end kitchens all over New England.

Every year Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen, looks back at the top 10 luxury kitchen appliances sold by Clarke dealers throughout the six New England states. The year 2020 was different in so many ways, yet Clarke‘s Sub-Zero and Wolf luxury kitchen appliances continued to be embraced as the top choice for cooking and food preservation by designers and homeowners. Here’s a list of the top 10 sellers…

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers were the top luxury appliances sold by Clarke dealers in New England states in 2020.

The Top Luxury Kitchen Appliance of the Year – Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers

It’s no wonder that the top refrigerator in 2020 luxury kitchen appliances is Sub-Zero’s 24” Designer Refrigerator Drawers. This high-end appliance is typically quoted as “my favorite” by designers throughout New England. Sub-Zero pioneered point-of-use refrigeration in the 1990s and it is still embraced today.

Available now in 24”, 27”, 30” and 36” widths, these industry-leading refrigerator drawers come in stainless steel or are available “panel ready,” meaning you can clad them in cabinet panels to integrate (Sub-Zero’s word for “making your refrigerator disappear”) into your kitchen. Most are available in freezer drawers as well, and if you’d like to mix a refrigerator drawer atop a freezer drawer, that configuration is also available.

Clarke’s top 10 luxury appliances of 2020 include Wolf’s high-end microwave drawer oven.

Wolf Drawer Microwave Makes the List of Top Luxury Kitchen Appliances

You may not think of a microwave as a luxury kitchen appliance, but Wolf doesn’t make your typical microwave. With your Wolf Drawer Microwave, you can select from 10 power levels, a warming mode and sensor cooking. Plus, Wolf microwaves offer “gourmet mode” settings that takes all the guesswork out of cooking. So, say good-by to the :30 zap and enter a whole new world of microwaving with Wolf.

Sub-Zero’s 24” built-in undercounter wine storage is a luxury appliance you can place in any room.

You May Need More Than One Wolf Designer Undercounter Wine Storage

There’s nothing more luxurious than tucking a select wine collection in your kitchen, wet bar, study…or even master suite. Wolf’s 24” built-in wine storage has a fully customizable exterior, accepting custom panels for an integrated look within cabinetry or stainless steel accessory panels and handles to coordinate with your other Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliances. In this compact space, you can store 42 bottles of your favorite wines. Store reds and whites in separate temperature zones that keep wines a proper serving temperatures, within one degree of setpoint.

Wolf Warming Drawers are among the top ten most popular luxury kitchen appliances in 2020, but they bring luxury to other rooms as well.

Wolf Warming Drawers are Not Just Kitchen Appliances

A warming drawer is one luxury kitchen appliance that may not even be on your screen. Perhaps the reason it is on Clarke’s top 10 list of purchased appliances in 2020 is that it offers luxurious living in many ways. Yes, it keeps food warm (so everyone can have a hot meal no matter when they get home), but it also warms so much more than food. Many homeowners declare this one of the best high-end appliances and rave about its ability to warm plates to accept dessert or brunch foods and preserve their temperature while guests gather. Others use them to keep coffee cups or soup bowls warm for a party. Yet others have embraced using Wolf Warming Drawers for towels or even robes (yes, it’s UL approved for this use)! This one appliance can upgrade your master bedroom or bath to become a home spa. Imagine stepping into your heated robe or wrapping yourself in a toasty warm towel when exiting your shower. What a luxury!

Sub-Zero’s French Door Refrigerator/Freezer was in Clarke’s top 10 luxury appliances for 2020.

Sub-Zero 42” Classic French Door Refrigerator/Freezer

Wi-Fi has brought luxury kitchen appliances to a whole new level and Sub-Zero’s refrigerators are a great example. Imagine monitoring and controlling your refrigerator from your phone. Did I turn the ice maker on “max ice” before I left the house to shop for the party? Is it time to change the water filter?

Never worry again about whether one of the kids forgot to close the refrigerator all the way. All of these questions can be dealt with from your Sub-Zero App. Beyond those valuable tech features, you’ll enjoy the world’s most efficient food preservation on the planet. In fact, research has proven that Sub-Zero refrigerators will save you more than $1,000 every year by eliminating food waste. And, beyond the luxury of convenience and superior food preservation, you’ll also enjoy the way your Sub-Zero refrigerator will fit into your kitchen design. It accepts custom panels for an integrated look with your cabinetry or stainless steel accessory panels and handles to match your other Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Clarke’s Wolf 30” M Series Wall Oven ranked in the top 10 luxury appliances of 2020.

The Wolf M Series Wall Oven is the Epitome of Luxury

This built-in wall oven is the epitome of luxury. It is considered Wolf’s most technologically advanced oven. State-of-the-art convection systems and chef-tested modes—including effortless Gourmet Mode—take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. Gourmet mode is the oven’s intuitive digital technology that senses the amount and size of each dish, and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking to eliminate guesswork for sought-after results every time. While its cooking prowess is extraordinary, its styling is also heralded. You may select from Pro, Transitional and Contemporary styles to fit into any kitchen.

Sub-Zero’s 36” Designer Undercounter Beverage Center is a top 10 appliance of 2020 in New England.

You’ll Want More Than One of These – Sub-Zero’s Designer Undercounter Beverage Center

One reason that Clarke dealers sell so many of these undercounter refrigerators is the fact that many homeowners buy more than one. One for the mudroom (to keep kids drinks and snacks out of the kitchen), one in the playroom for basically the same reason. They add comfort and convenience to a master suite, create a corner for libations in a library or study, are perfect for an exercise room…the possibilities are almost endless. Like Sub-Zero’s larger models, these little gems are fully customizable by accepting custom panels to blend into your cabinetry. There are even models engineered for your outdoor kitchen.

The Wolf 36” Gas Range is the classic luxury kitchen appliance found at Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove

Wolf 36” Gas Range

This is the classic luxury kitchen appliance. If you’re looking for the chef’s range that will fit into kitchens large or small with the iconic Wolf red knobs and all of the culinary features you’ve dreamt about. This is the one. Perfect for upgrading from your typical 36” range and transforming your kitchen with this one move. Control temperature precisely with six dual-stacked sealed gas burners for higher highs and lower lows. Enjoy quicker heat and more even cooking with the large capacity gas convection oven. It’s the range that people have talked about for decades.

Sub-Zero’s classic over-and-under refrigerator/freezer is in Clarke’s top 10 for 2020.

Sub-Zero’s Classic 36” Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer

This is the refrigerator that is a staple in many kitchens today. In fact, Zillow reported that mentioning a Sub-Zero refrigerator in the listing netted a 38% premium over other high-end listings with less prestigious refrigerators. Now that’s where a luxury kitchen appliance actually makes you money! Sub-Zero’s NASA-inspired air purification system keeps food fresher, magnetic door seals locks cold air in and this refrigerator filters water and ice, removing contaminants, chorine taste and odors. Too many features and benefits to mention here, but it’s no surprise so many homeowners love this refrigerator.

Clarke’s top 10 luxury appliance list of 2020 includes the Wolf 36” Dual Fuel Range.

Wolf Dual-Fuel Range

Luxury realized. This cooking appliance marries a classic Wolf six-burner gas cooktop with Wolf’s Dual VertiCross™ convection system to provide reliably even heat, reduce hot and cold spots, and enable consistent multi-rack cooking every time. The Gourmet Mode features 50 presets that automatically control the oven to ensure delicious results. Ten cooking modes, including Bake, Broil, Convection, Convection Roast, Dehydrate, Gourmet, Proof, Roast, Stone, and Warm, were developed by Wolf chefs to maximize the performance of your oven. This is the range that many consider the standard for extraordinary cooking.

These are just the top 10 of hundreds of luxury kitchen appliance models that can be found at Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen. When you are considering updating one appliance or remodeling your entire kitchen, a visit to Clarke will save you months of research. Clarke’s Showroom Consultants offer a level of expertise that makes selecting the right appliances for your home a delight. Enjoy in-person or virtual appointments and know you are welcome to return as many times as you would like.

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