June 29, 2023

Is a Wolf Range Worth It?

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If you’re in the market for a new, high-end range, and are thinking “Is a Wolf range worth it?,” the short answer is yes! Not only do you get a high-end appliance with superior performance but also its aesthetics are sure to impress. 


Let’s break down the specific reasons why. To start, you can fully configure a Wolf range to fit your lifestyle and home, which results in an appliance that is unique to you. Ranges come in 30, 36, 48, and 60-inch widths, so you can choose the best fit for your kitchen design. 

If you have the space and do a lot of high-volume baking, it’s good to know that the 48-inch and 60-inch models come with two ovens in one: the 48-inch has both 18-inch and 30-inch ovens and the 60-inch has two full-size ovens.

You also have your pick of gas, induction or dual fuel models, depending on your preference and comfort level. Here are some of the special features of each:

Wolf’s gas range was perfected in professional kitchens and comes with over 80 years of experience. Its key feature is Wolf’s patented innovation – the two-tier dual-stacked, sealed burner – which provides a lower-tier burner that’s used exclusively for simmering. 

All the burners provide consistent temperature control, and their sealed caps are easy to keep clean. The gas range pairs with a standard gas oven.

Wolf’s dual fuel range tends to be the most popular choice, since it pairs the dual-stacked gas burners with an electric convection oven. Wolf’s state-of-the-art Dual VertiFlow convection system has four heating elements, including two convection fans that together allow for much more consistent and precise cooking than a gas oven.

The convection system also prevents flavor transfer from one item to another, which means you can cook both sweet and savory dishes at the same time – for example, cupcakes and shrimp – without one absorbing the flavor of the other. This, of course, is a great feature for when you’re entertaining or just short on time.

However, the most impressive feature of the dual-fuel range by far is its “set it and forget it” Gourmet Mode, which really lets you tap into the full potential of the oven. Gourmet Mode offers 50 different food settings that take the guesswork out of cooking by providing detailed instructions for each dish, along with setting the temperature and cooking time automatically. 

For example, if you’re cooking a roast, you start by turning the knob to Gourmet Mode, and selecting the category of food you’re cooking – in this case, a roast. Then just follow the instructions on the display: it will tell you what oven rack position to use and where to insert the meat probe, which is used to monitor and regulate the oven temperature. Then just hit “start.”

It’s a completely worry-free experience that even the most sophisticated of cooks appreciate!

Finally, Wolf’s induction range is increasing in popularity as a sleek and efficient alternative to the gas range. In place of the knobs and burners of a gas range, there are refined, clean lines. The ceramic glass top is durable and easy-to-clean, and provides consistent and precise high-to-low temperature control – you can boil water faster than you can on a gas range, and get an exact simmer. The induction range pairs with the electric convection oven.

Both the gas and dual fuel ranges offer the option of adding a charbroiler or griddle to the cooktop. While charbroilers do require proper ventilation, they’re convenient for cold and rainy New England days as they give you an indoor grilling option, and provide a highly versatile cooking surface – everything from burgers and vegetables to fruits and desserts. This charbroiler is easy to clean, too, since it is powerful enough that all of the leftover food particles are incinerated.

While griddles are usually associated with breakfast foods, they can actually be used to cook anything a skillet can cook – like scallops or quesadillas – and you can quickly wipe any food particles into a detachable tray. 

On the purely esthetic side of things, Wolf knobs and bezels come in five different colors, to add an additional element of customization. While the most popular choice by far is Wolf’s signature red knobs, which not only are recognizable but provide a fun punch of color, the knobs also come in black, stainless, brushed gray, and brushed brass. You can also get brushed brass bezels, if you’d prefer those over the stainless steel option they come with. 

To see for yourself why a Wolf range is worth it, including the various configurations that are available, schedule an appointment to visit a Clarke showroom. While you’re there, you can attend a product demonstration, presented by a Clarke chef. You can also schedule a private session, and bring your own pots and pans to see how they perform on each range.