September 29, 2023

Add These Dream Kitchen Must-Haves to Your Renovation Wish List

dream kitchen must-haves sub-zero refrigerator

You’ve probably always had a vision of your dream kitchen must-haves and what your dream kitchen looks like. However, it can be overwhelming to figure out which appliances will bring your vision to life. To help you get started, we’ve put together this list of dream kitchen must-haves–eight Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliances that can each be highly customized to fit your space, aesthetics and lifestyle.

8 Dream Kitchen Must-Haves:

dream kitchen must-haves Wolf rangeA Wolf range should be at the top of every wish list. Not only can it handle heavy day-to-day use but it’s also sure to impress guests. You can fully customize it to fit your kitchen and lifestyle–choose from the gas, induction or dual fuel models. The dual fuel is the most popular, since it combines a gas range with a convection oven. The oven features a “set it and forget it” Gourmet Mode that makes cooking and baking a breeze.
The Wolf induction cooktop is a must, especially if your home has a modern aesthetic. Far from the electric cooktop you’re likely envisioning, an induction cooktop provides precise high-to-low temperature control–you can boil water faster than you can on a gas range and get an exact simmer for sauces. The ceramic glass top is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, since there aren’t any knobs or burners.
dream-kitchen-must-haves-Wolf-Convection-Steam-OvenWolf Convection Steam Ovens are among the most popular Wolf appliances. And for good reason—you can do everything from hard-boil eggs to bring Thanksgiving leftovers back to life, while retaining the food’s nutrients, hydration and quality. There’s a steam mode that locks in the flavor of fish and vegetables, a convection mode that bakes the perfect cookie, and a crispy reheat mode that makes fries and egg rolls taste fresh the next day. Like the Wolf range, it comes with the worry-free Gourmet Mode.
A Wolf coffee system brings the cafe right into your kitchen. Its intuitive design lets you select from 15 different beverages with just the touch of your finger. You can even save the favorite drinks of each member of your household. Other fun features include a built-in coffee grinder, a cup warmer and a removable milk container. If you run out of room in your kitchen, you can place this coffee system in any room as it does not require a water line.
Without a doubt, a Sub-Zero refrigerator is a dream kitchen must-have. More than a fridge, it’s really a food preservation system that uses the latest technologies to make your food stay fresh even longer. It also offers the most sizes of any brand and almost-endless customization–there are side-by-side, over-and-under and French door configurations, along with stainless-steel or custom panel finishes. On the inside, one nice feature is that the under-shelf lighting is designed to reduce shadows, and it even dims automatically when you open the door at night.
With a Sub-Zero Beverage Center, drinks are quick and easy to grab, and they won’t clutter up your refrigerator. They’re particularly useful for entertaining—thirsty guests won’t get in the way of food prep and clean up. These undercounter units have a fully customizable exterior, and the inside offers ample storage for all your cans and bottles. You can configure the two glass shelves, and there are two full-extension shelves.
If you’re a wine lover, then Sub-Zero Wine Storage needs to be in your dream kitchen. These units do so much more than keep your reds and whites at the right temperatures. They also protect against heat, humidity, vibration, and light, which we like to call the “four enemies” of wine. They can be installed under your cabinets—the smallest unit can hold an impressive 24 bottles—while the tall (30-inch) units can be configured to include two refrigerator drawers, so all your beverages can be in one place.
The Cove dishwasher makes cleanup quick, sleek and stylish. These machines boast 23 lbs. of insulation, so they’re practically silent. There aren’t any buttons on the outside—a green light shines on the floor when the cycle is complete–while the three racks on the inside can fit everything from your most awkward utensils to your largest pots and pans. The three spray arms and 43 jets ensure that all your dishes will be thoroughly clean, every time. No pre-wash needed!

We hope this list helps inspire your kitchen remodel. Schedule an appointment to visit a Clarke showroom to see your dream kitchen must-haves up close. You can use the media lab to see how each of these appliances will look in your space as well as attend a product demonstration to see how they perform. Private “Ask the Chef” sessions are available too!