Summer Squash Asian Siracha Slaw

This is one of those recipes that gets better and better the longer it marinades. I like this recipe as a great addition to a rice bowl, added into fried rice or even a stir fry! A word of caution; I recommend starting with half the amount of Siracha and taste to your desired spice level. If you can’t get ahold of Spicy Kimchi Siracha replace with regular Siracha and a teaspoon of fish sauce as an alternative. Get ready to spice up your dinner!

PREP TIME: 15 mins
COOK TIME: (2 hours to Marinade)
YIELD: 8 Portions


1 zucchini julienned

1 yellow squash julienned

1 red pepper julienned

1 carrot shredded

4 scallions chopped

¼ cup (or to taste) Wildbrine Probiotic Spicy Kimchi Siracha

Method of Preparation

Add all of the ingredients into a non-reactive bowl such as glass, or Pyrex. Avoid metal as this can make a bad taste or plastic which can be stained after marinating. Marinade for at least two hours, but this is one of those recipes get better with age! Store in refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Chef’s Tip: Want a longer marinade and don’t have time? Using your Wolf’s Vacuum Seal Drawer on setting two will equates will equate to about an overnight marinade in just 30 mins

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