January 22, 2015

The Magic of the Perfect Brew

by Jenny Tredeau, Clarke Showroom Consultant

This word is Italian for bartender, and if you encounter a barista in Italy, you will find a knowledgeable mixologist familiar with both alcohol concoctions and coffee-based drinks. In America, when we say, “barista,” we aren’t thinking cocktail bars, we’re expecting  espresso, coffee, or latte of gourmet proportions.

We all know when making our own cocktails at home, they have just the right amount of ice, maybe simple syrup, our favorite alcohol and garnish. However, many times we don’t think about the fact that coffee requires quite the same attention to detail…with a favorite recipe that perfectly starts our day.

We are so fixated on our special brew, we find it easier to find a local specialty shop or drive-through coffee shop where we can rely on that special taste to start the morning. We’ve all woken up, thrown on comfy clothes (or the day’s business attire) and driven down to the local coffee shop. Confident that the cup will be perfect as usual, we drive away. Then, back at home with a newspaper, or on the commuter train or finally sitting at our office desk, we open the lid and take that first sip. Immediately we realize, this is someone else’s coffee…the guy behind me must have ordered the espresso, because I always ask for latte?! You know your favorite morning brew like you know your signature cocktail. Getting the wrong coffee can ruin your day!

Wolf’s Coffee System lets you stay comfy and warm at home while it prepares your perfect cup, every time. Fresh coffee beans can be stored and ground per cup with 13 settings to choose from. Whether you are brewing coffee, espresso, macchiato, lattes or cappuccino, you can customize strength and water temperature. Your milk is stored in its own Wolf container, chilled just right in your fridge…when you insert it into your Wolf coffee system…let the frothing begin! Perfection, every time.

Wolf’s Coffee System does not need to be plumbed, so it can be installed easily and anywhere and it’s sexy sleek design allows it to coordinate with traditional, contemporary and transitional spaces.

You’ve probably heard about Clarke’s Wolf appliance test drives. Yes, many enjoy trying the Wolf Induction Cooktop or the Convection Steam Oven, but we also offer the ultimate coffee test drive. Make an appointment today and join us for the best cup of custom-brewed coffee you can imagine.