October 31, 2022

Looking for Luxury Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel? Come See Clarke.

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When it comes to buying kitchen appliances, you might wonder if you’ll get what you pay for. After all, you have many options. Why should you spend more for a high-end refrigerator, oven, or cooktop when less expensive appliances are widely available and well-reviewed? The team of consultants at Clarke, who help people learn more about the luxury appliances in their showrooms, understand the uncertainty. But they are confident you will get what you pay for, and your expectations will be exceeded when you invest in Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances. Here are a few reasons why.

Proven Heritage

Sub-Zero has a proud history characterized by excellence and innovation in engineering and design. The company’s founder, Westye F. Bakke, pioneered below-zero food preservation, developing the first in-home, high-performance refrigeration system in the 1940’s to store insulin for his diabetic son. In 1945, he launched the Sub-Zero Freezer Company, which became a successful family-run business known for its high standards for quality and customer service. 

Luxury Appliances -- Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Wine Refrigerator in Modern Blue Kitchen

In the decades since then, Sub-Zero has used its extensive engineering experience and inventive approaches to revolutionize food preservation, building a strong reputation for performance, durability, classic design, and best-in-class customer care along the way. In 2000, they acquired Wolf, whose cooking appliances had been the gold standard in commercial kitchens for decades, to make a professional level of precision and performance available to home cooks. And in 2018, Sub-Zero introduced Cove to consumers — the first dishwashers developed from the ground up by the Sub-Zero and Wolf experts. Today, Sub-Zero is still a family-run business with the founder’s grandson at the helm, who leads with the same high expectations for excellence his grandfather had.

Innovative Features & Superior Performance

People shopping for kitchen appliances are always keenly interested in the appliances’ features. And those found in high-end brands will not disappoint. They’ve been thoughtfully designed to meet your needs, streamline your kitchen experience, and delight you in unexpected ways. Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers have precise temperature control and NASA-inspired air purification systems to keep food fresher longer. Their dual refrigeration systems and magnetic gaskets create and maintain precise, unique environments for fresh and frozen foods. They have large interior storage spaces with versatile configuration options and spill-proof shelves, so you can organize your food and beverages in a way that works for you. 

Wolf’s cooktops, ranges, and ovens are designed to provide precise heat and temperature control, and they can be flexibly configured to align with your preferences. Their ovens’ convection and steam systems give you ultimate control over how your food is cooked. Ranges can be configured with a combination of cooking surfaces, including high-performing burners, a French top surface with graduated temperatures, and infrared griddles or charbroilers. Induction cooktops and ranges provide almost instantaneous temperature change to help you deliver precise results every time while conserving energy. And a warming drawer keeps your food at the perfect serving temperature for hours, so it’s ready for family and guests when you are.

Luxury Appliances -- Wolf Induction Cooktop with Boiling Water

Finally, Cove dishwashers ensure your dishes come out perfectly clean and dry with fan-assisted drying and four-stage filtration. Large interior spaces with adjustable racks and tines gives you the flexibility to easily fit even the bulkiest items. And thanks to their heavy-duty, noise-canceling insulation, the appliances operate at near-silent levels, so you can dine and entertain in peace.

Unparalleled Quality

Today, many kitchen appliances are virtually disposable. They work well for five years, something breaks, and it’s almost cheaper to buy new than to repair. Sub-Zero operates their own manufacturing facilities in the United States, builds their products with premium-grade materials, and puts them through rigorous testing to make sure they will serve you well for 20 years or more. Their high standard for quality is reflected in their warranties. Sub-Zero appliances are backed by a full two-year warranty, full five-year sealed system warranty, and a limited 12-year warranty. Wolf comes with a full two-year warranty and limited five-year warranty. And Cove is backed by a rarely-seen, full five-year warranty and limited lifetime warranty.

Beautiful Design & Flexible Configuration

Not only do the luxury appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove work well and last, they’re also stunningly beautiful and instantly recognizable. They can be configured to fit into any kitchen setting: You can let them proudly stand out with their stainless finishes, glass doors, iconic grilles, and interchangeable knobs. Or you can help them blend in with custom panels and hardware to match your cabinetry. The choice is yours. A wide array of flexible, modular pieces can be assembled to create a kitchen space that perfectly meets your family’s needs and design aesthetic.

Let Clarke Help You Find the Luxury Appliances You’ll Love

Last but not least, luxury appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove will bring joy to your life. They’ve been providing exceptional experiences to home cooks and professional chefs for decades, making tasks that used to be seen as chores easier and more enjoyable. We believe you’ll get what you pay for and more. And we hope you’ll come visit one of our showrooms to touch and test-drive our models. 

You’ll have a shopping experience like no other in a Sub-Zero appliance playground, where our knowledgeable staff can educate you and guide you through your decision-making process. No pressure on you, because we don’t sell the appliances! Instead, we will connect you with an authorized dealer when you’re ready to bring a beautiful, high-quality, high-performing Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Cove appliance into your life. Just request an appointment online to schedule a visit. We look forward to seeing you!