August 17, 2023

Is a Wolf Gas Range right for you?

Wolf Gas Ranges are known by their red knobs, but there are many color options and much magic hidden inside their superior technology.

A Wolf Gas Range is considered to be the icon of a luxury kitchen with its advanced cooking technology that ensures power and finesse at every temperature. The control you find when cooking on a Wolf Gas Range helps you create everything from delicate dessert sauces to perfectly seared meats. That’s just what’s on top, once you go inside the oven, magic happens. With Wolf you have chef-level control and precision with features that make cooking and clean-up easy and convenient.

Wolf Gas Ranges offer a wide range of sizes and cooking configurations.

Wolf Gas Ranges come in sizes to fit any kitchen.

Looking for a Wolf Gas Range to simply replace the stove in the house or condo you just purchased? The 30” Wolf Gas Range is probably a perfect fit. You’ll enjoy four burners and Wolf’s gas convection oven, which provides quicker heat and more even cooking. Have a little more room? Wolf’s 36” Gas Range allow you the choice between a rangetop with 6 gas burners or a model with four burners and an infrared griddle or Charbroiler.

A 30” Wolf Gas Range can fit into small spaces and dramatic condos, offer tremendous cooking technology in less than three feet of width.

Step up to a 48” range and a whole new world opens up. You can choose a model with eight gas burners or configure your rangetop with six burners and either an Infrared Charbroiler or Infrared Griddle. Or you might prefer four gas burners with both an Infrared Griddle and Charbroiler for almost infinite options to prepare your favorite meals. In the largest kitchens, when home chefs want the best of all worlds, Wolf’s 60” Gas Range allows for six burners, an Infrared Charbroiler and Griddle. There’s nothing you can’t prepare on these incredible ranges.

Wolf Gas Ranges offer heavy cast iron burners and stovetop configurations to satisfy any cook.

Wolf Gas Burners are different.

Not all gas burners are created equal. Wolf’s patented dual-stacked, sealed gas burners offer ultimate control and cleaning ease. These burners produce precise high-to-low temperature control and Wolf’s spark ignition system reignites the burner automatically should it go out. These burners produce up to 20,000Btu for fast boils and intense sears and as low as 300Btu for true simmers and melts. Your Wolf Gas Range top is designed to make clean-up a breeze and the burners are made of the highest-grade cast iron to last for the life of the range. The burners also ensure ease of cookware movement, sliding pots and pans across the burner surface from one part of the range top to another.

Wolf’s Dual VertiFlow Convection Oven provides reliably even heat and enables multi-rack cooking so you can cook and bake multiple dishes at the same time.

Enjoy consistent results with your Wolf convection oven.

Your Wolf convection oven provides consistent heat, with a convection fan that circulates heat within the large capacity oven to eliminate “cold” spots. You can trust that you’ll have consistent, delicious results every time, even when using multiple racks at once.

The Wolf Gas Range in this black, white and gold kitchen shows how the change of knob colors allows you to use Work appliances in any style home.

Customize your Wolf Gas Range for your kitchen style.

While Wolf is known for their iconic red knobs, they don’t fit everyone’s aesthetic. You’re welcome to select black or stainless knobs if they better suit your style. And don’t forget the bezel, which is the metal ring around the knob. You can select from stainless, brass or chrome for your bezel to finish off the look of your oven.

The gleaming stainless of the Wolf Gas Range in this modern home shows its style versatility.

Explore Wolf Gas Ranges at a Clarke Showroom.

So, is a Wolf Gas Range right for you? They offer unique opportunities for both design and performance in your kitchen. One great way to evaluate whether a Wolf Gas Range is for you, is to see one in person and talk to experts who can answer all your questions about whether this is the right choice for your home and family. Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen is the perfect place to start. You can schedule a showroom appointment and see Wolf Gas Ranges in full-scale kitchens created by the region’s finest designers. You can also attend a Clarke cooking demonstration and speak to a chef about the pros and cons of this type of appliance.