April 10, 2020

Clarke Teams Up with America’s Premier Steakhouse to Cook at Home


When Clarke President Sean Clarke and Smith & Wollensky Executive Chef and VP of Culinary Matt King start talking, there’s always something exciting about to happen. Two weeks ago, as Covid-19 closed down Clarke’s award-winning Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove showrooms and Smith & Wollensky’s nine restaurants in Wellesley, Boston, Chicago and around the world, these two innovators quickly teamed up to create a video series to help homeowners prepare delicious, healthy meals for their families while they are staying safe at home.

Within days, Sean and Clarke Marketing Coordinator Sam Pericolo met Chef King and Smith & Wollensky Chief Marketing Officer Kim Lapine at Clarke’s Showroom and Test Kitchen at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport to produce the unique quarantine videos. Many television segments have been produced in Clarke’s Wolf demo kitchen for programs including This Old House, Lidia’s Kitchen and others, but none have been quite like this.

With a basic video camera on a stand and an iPhone suspended from the ceiling operated by Clarke and Pericolo, they improvised a delightful series of five cooking “shows” offering recipes tailored for this unprecedented time: Self-Quarantine Beef Stew, Social Distance Chili, Spam Fried Rice, Comforting Mac and Cheese and Cajun Filet (because you always need a great steak).

In this Self-Quarantine Video Series, which was produced in one long day of shooting, you’ll learn some of Chef King’s tricks of the trade, enjoy his personal stories and we’ll provide his weekly recipe right here with access to each video. Clarke and Smith & Wollensky’s Covid-19 initiatives won’t stop here. In the coming days, we’ll share other ways the two companies are teaming up to give back their customers and communities. We hope you enjoy cooking at home and look forward to welcoming you back to our showrooms and restaurants very soon.

Stay well!

YouTube video


Self-Quarantine Beef Stew


3 Lbs. Sirloin Tips Diced in 1 Inch Cubes
1 Quart Red Wine
¾ Cup Red Wine Vinegar
3 ea. Medium Sized Carrots Peeled and Chopped
3 ea. Medium Yellow Onions Chopped
2 ea. Bouquet Garni (Thyme, Bay Leaf, Parsley, Leek)

1. Combine all Ingredients and marinate for 24 Hours.
2. Remove the beef and pat dry, save the liquid and bouquet Garni.

For the Stew:

3 Tbsp Oil
Marinated Beef
3 ea. Medium Yellow Onion (Diced)
6 ea. Garlic Cloves Minced
8 oz. Tomato Paste
6 ea. Medium Carrots, Diced
2 ea. Medium Turnips, Diced
6 ea. Medium Parsnips, Diced
6 ea. Yukon Potatoes, Diced
1 pint Veal Demi Glace
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Sear the meat in the oil using a Dutch oven, browning on all sides.
2. Remove the meat and set aside to add back in later.
3. Do not wash the brown crust (Fond) from the bottom of the pan, sauté the onions until golden brown.
4. Add the Garlic and cook for an additional minute, or until fragrant.
5. Strain the remaining contents of the marinade over the onions and garlic, discard the carrots and onions however you want to reserve the bouquet garni.
6. Return the beef to the pot, add the demi glace, bouquet garni, bring to a boil and then simmer for one hour.
7. Add the tomato paste and the vegetables, bring to a boil and then return to a simmer for another hour.
8. Test the beef for tenderness and season to taste with salt and pepper.

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