April 6, 2023

How To Choose High-End Kitchen Appliances That Match Your Lifestyle

Clarke Showroom Manager Jeremy McCulla leads a Boston couple on a tour of the Clarke Showroom to exemplify the features of the best luxury kitchen brands.

The time has finally come – you’re getting a new kitchen! While it’s exciting to learn about the latest high-end kitchen appliances and all the features that are now available – especially if it’s been a while since you’ve last purchased appliances – you may find it to be challenging to narrow down the options.

That’s why a Clarke Showroom is the ideal place to start your search for high-end kitchen appliances that match your lifestyle. While researching reviews and getting recommendations from friends and family can be helpful, Clarke showroom consultants are highly trained to tune in to your specific needs, and guide you toward the best appliances for you and your family. 

“We want clients to come to us first,” says Lee Maida, a consultant in Clarke’s Boston showroom. That means a Clarke showroom should be your first stop after deciding you’re going to be purchasing new, high-end kitchen appliances. The experience is intended to educate you, give you design inspiration and let you test drive the appliances – all without any pressure to buy, since Clarke doesn’t sell directly to clients. 

Ideally, you’ll be visiting a Clarke showroom before you’ve had any plans drawn up by an architect or designer. Although if you already have, that’s fine, just bring the plans with you! You also should bring with you any important measurements, especially if you’re going to be keeping your new high-end kitchen appliances in the same footprint as your current appliances, or if you have any specific spaces in which the new ones need to fit. 

Upon arriving at a Clarke showroom, your consultant will begin the appointment by getting to know you and the details of your project, and evaluating where you are in the design process. Showroom visits typically start by discussing the ovens, since cooking is such an important function of any kitchen. You should be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • What are you cooking with now?
  • What do you wish you had?
  • What do you need that you don’t have? For example, do you frequently entertain and find yourself limited by only having one oven?

As you continue to explore the more than a dozen kitchen vignettes on display at a Clarke showroom, your consultant will ask you more questions to understand your lifestyle, and how you plan to use your high-end kitchen appliances. It’s important that the person in your family or home who spends the most time in the kitchen and is doing most of the cooking goes to the appointment with you, since they’ll likely be able to give the most input. You should be prepared to discuss:

  • Do you cook? If not, who does the cooking in your home? 
  • Do you cook alone, or together with your partner or other family members? 
  • Do you like to entertain? If so, what kind of entertaining do you do? 
  • How many people do you typically entertain at once?

While you should answer your consultant’s questions based on your current circumstances, given the longevity of Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove high-end kitchen appliances, you’ll want to let them know if your lifestyle might be changing over the next few years. Do you have plans to expand your family? Entertain more?

Your consultant will want to get a feel for your design style, too – such as, whether it’s traditional or contemporary – and if you have any preferences on finishes, handles and knobs, given the importance of design integrity. Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers and wine storage are all customizable; however, you want to ensure you maintain a consistent look.

“You want visitors to your home to look at the kitchen as a whole,” says Lee. “You don’t want any one piece to distract and get all the attention.”

They’ll also point out the latest trends – ones that perhaps you haven’t considered, like eliminating your microwave oven. Lee reports many clients are choosing to purchase Wolf Convection Steam Ovens instead of the once-popular appliance, due to their superior aesthetics, versatility and performance. 

In addition to the expert guidance you receive from a consultant, Clarke showrooms offer the unique opportunity to participate in a product demonstration. Clarke chefs offer classes – be sure to check the schedule online so you can coordinate your appointment – so you can see Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in action. Not only will you learn more about the features of each appliance and get some inspiration for your home kitchen, you can also taste the results.

A special feature of Clarke’s Boston showroom is its media lounge. Using its state-of-the-art technology, you can see exactly what the high-end kitchen appliances you’re considering will look like in your own kitchen. 

At the end of your Clarke showroom visit, your consultant can point you in the direction of helpful resources that may enhance your project, such as a kitchen designer, or vendors for cabinets and counters. Then, once you’re ready to purchase your perfect, high-end kitchen appliances, they’ll refer you to a Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove retailer. They can also share your selections with your designer or architect. 

However, if you need some more time or need more information before purchasing your high-end kitchen appliances, you can come back to a Clarke showroom as many times as you’d like. Even after they’re installed, you can attend product demonstrations or give your consultant a call with questions. 

Lee says, “We’re here for you before, during and after the project!”