February 4, 2015

Clarke Plans a Surprise Wolf Test Drive Birthday!

by Jenny Tredeau, Milford Showroom Consultant

Have you ever planned a surprise birthday party and executed it in just 45 minutes? At Clarke, we did exactly that for a customer who called in last week. Chris called in saying he wanted to bring his wife by Clarke’s showroom to take a Wolf Test Drive and learn more about the Wolf SR366 (translation: Wolf 36″ Sealed Burner Rangetop) that they had ordered for their new home. Since he was hoping to come by on Saturday (our busiest showroom day of the week) and typically any Rangetop questions can easily be answered by phone, I suggested he have her call me and I would answer any and all questions that way.

Chris then explained that they were building a new home and his wife was incredibly excited about her new Wolf Six-Burner Rangetop and had never been to the Clarke showroom…AND it was her birthday! He really wanted to surprise her with a visit to see – and use – her new rangetop.

So, how could we say no? We agreed this would be a Surprise Birthday Test Drive – a first for Clarke – and we kicked into high gear here to make Chris’ gift to his wife a memorable one. I teamed up with Chef Brittany Williams on a birthday breakfast menu that would be delicious and demonstrate many of the features our birthday girl could soon enjoy on her own new Wolf Rangetop.

When Marybeth and Chris arrived, we were ready…and she was delightfully SURPRISED!

As she approached the demo kitchen inside our Milford, Mass. showroom, Marybeth found a special birthday card and birthday ribbon on a gift bag containing a spatula, Clarke Customer Care jar opener and package of special Penzey spices to use in her new kitchen.

This Surprise Birthday Test Drive included our guest of honor cooking French Toast and Chocolate-dipped Strawberries. Marybeth also had questions about cleaning her Wolf Rangetop, so we answered those and allowed her to feel what it was going to be like to have a Wolf of her own.

We explained thate ach dual-stacked, sealed burner has both an upper and a lower tier of flames. The upper flame ports deliver maximum heat for restaurant-quality sears and faster boils, while the lower ports turn down to just a breath of flame for delicate simmers and melts (hence the chocolate-dippped strawberry demonstration).

We demonstrated that the porcelain-coated, cast iron top grates are continuous, so you can move pans around without lifting them off the surface. We also talked about how the heavy-duty stainless steel exterior cleans easily and how she would do that.Since this precision gas cooking fits into almost any kitchen design, we know it will be perfect in Marybeth and Chris’ new home.

During their visit, Chris shared that for his birthday Marybeth had arranged for a test drive of a red Corvette. It was decided that Marybeth got the better test drive, because she will own the Wolf Rangetop, while Chris only enjoyed a two-hour fling with the sports car!

Happy Birthday Marybeth and we hope you enjoy many years of wonderful meals made on your Wolf!