May 22, 2014

4 Tips for the Pefect BBQ on a Wolf Gas Grill

wolf grill

In anticipation of Memorial Day Weekend, which is seen by many as the beginning of the grilling season in New England, we are sharing Clarke Chef Brittany Williams’ four easy tips to make your grilling successful. Chef Brittany recently worked on several videos (soon to hit YouTube) talking about how you can utilize a Wolf Gas Grill outdoors and Wolf Charbroiler indoors to enjoy great barbecue taste year-round.

While Clarke offers the industry-leading Wolf Gas Grills with a 25,000 BTU direct heat infrared burner to sear meats faster, which seals in juices, Chef Brittany’s BBQ tips will work on any grill. Here are her four tips for pefect grilling…

1. Make it Hot!

Pre-heating your grill before you place food on it is key to successful outdoor (and indoor) cooking. Making sure your grates are hot will almost guarantee that your food will not stick. This is always important, but particularly crucial when grilling foods, like fish, that tend to fall apart. The high heat will allow food to form a great golden crust, which not only gives it great texture, but also seals in all of that great flavor.

2. Clean It.

Make sure that you clean your grill grates with a regular grill brush (preferably a long-handled wooden one, as plastic can melt.) This needs to be done while the grill is hot before you start cooking and after you finish grilling. This prevents debris from sticking to your food and ruining the taste.

3. Be Patient.

This is typically everyone’s least favorite tip, but the most important. Once your grill is hot and clean, you’re ready to start cooking. Place your chicken, steak, fish, etc. right on the grill and then DO NOT TOUCH IT. It’s hard to refrain from poking it, lifting the edge, etc. However, the food needs time to sear and form that great crust. Don’t panic. It will seem like an eternity, but it will release on its own when it’s ready. On beef steaks, you will see juice starting to form on top of your steak and this means the other side has started to cook, which forces the juices to the top. When you see a good amount of juice, your steak is ready to be flipped. Then let it cook on that side too. Once there is a great sear on both sides, you can choose to continue to cook at a lower temperature. This will assure that your meat isn’t burned on the outside and very rare on the inside.

4. Let it Rest.

Once you remove your meat from the grill, let it rest for at least 10 minutes before you serve. You have worked very hard to make sure the juices and flavor stay inside and if you immediately slice into it, they will all come running out and you’ll lose the flavor.

So, the bottom line is that grilling is an easy and exciting way to prepare flavorful food, however you must take your time at each point to let the grill and the meat do the work. Preheat, clean, allow the meat to release on its own and then let it rest for 10 minutes before you serve. Pour a glass of wine or sparkling water…that will help you take your time and enjoy!

For more information on Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills, and to download a design guide, visit Clarke’s website.

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