May 14, 2014

Clarke Introduces Wolf One-Touch Coffee System with Automatic “Super-Barista” Features


You may have been hearing the buzz for a long time…Wolf, the industry leader in premium cooking equipment, is introducing a built-in coffee system. Well, not only is it true; it is now at Clarke – ready for you to test drive.

This all-new built-in coffee system is part of the New Generation product launch, the largest product rollout in company history. Available to consumers within a month, this gourmet home coffee system makes professional-quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato, and perfectly steams and foams milk with a single touch. One-touch convenience also extends to the system’s milk cleaning feature, which utilizes steam cleaning and does not require any disassembly. In addition, the system has a separate dispenser for tea and other hot beverage, allowing you to accommodate everyone in your home, even if coffee or cappuccino isn’t their…cup of tea! Plus, when you find your setting preferences, you can save this in “My Coffee” for one-touch use in the future.

The Wolf design and engineering team have spent the last several years perfecting the coffee-at-home process. Their objective was the creation of a flawlessly breweed coffee or other warm gourmet beverage with just a single touch every time. On top of performance, they wanted to create a coffee system that is very easy to use and maintain.

In the end, the decision was made to create a Coffee System that doesn’t have to be plumbed into your kitchen (similar to installation of the Convection Steam Oven.) The water reserve is easy to fill and allows you to install this unique appliance in many more locations than those that require plumbing.

Wolf coffee system (above); Built-in M series transitional single oven and warming drawer (below

Coffee System Performance Features

The one-touch, automated coffee system incorporates the following performance features to ensure consistent, delicious beverages:

Speed: A fast initial system warm up leads to swift coffee drink production, providing the perfect cup in no time. Beverages are ready to enjoy in minutes. An internal clock allows the user to power on the machine at a set time so it is ready to go when you are.

Easy Cleanup:This unique coffee system eliminates messy clean up often associated with built-in coffee machines. With one touch of a button, a three-to-six-second steam cleaning process is employed after each milk drink is prepared. Additionally, milk never enters the system’s internal machinery, so no disassembly is required for clean up.

Settings: Owners can tailor the coffee system to work with whole bean or ground coffee. Settings can also be customized to adjust water temperature, brew strength and liquid output. Personal preferences can be stored by using the system’s “My Coffee” setting.

Water Reservoir: Conveniently located, the system’s water reservoir can be easily accessed from the front without opening the unit. The reservoir holds a half-gallon of water. The system also contains a hot water dispenser for tea and other hot instant beverages.

Coffee System Design

The coffee system is stylishly designed and pairs effortlessly with Wolf’s entire product suite:

Design Styles: Offered in M series contemporary black glass, professional and transitional stainless steel finishes, and E series framed and unframed stainless steel options; the coffee system unit has a width of 597 mm (23.5″) and measures 762 mm (30″) when installed with a trim kit.

Design Coordination: The coffee system is designed to seamlessly coordinate with other Wolf products through the use of a trim kit. Products can be paired horizontally or stacked vertically.

Simple Installation: A mounted glide system provides a quick installation and easy access to the unit. No plumbing is necessary.

Create a Coffee Bar in your kitchen, bathroom or office. Or pair this beautiful Coffee System with other Wolf Appliances for a kitchen like no other. At Clarke, we know (and emphatize with) coffee drinkers who are very particular about their coffee and the process they go through to create it. We encourage you to make an appointment at our Milford, MA showroom or South Norwalk, MA showroom to test drive this new incredible Wolf Coffee System.