October 22, 2012

Wolf Convection Steam Oven Wows Designers & Homeowners


“I want one of those!” was the response from guests at the Boston Magazine Design Home 2012  when they tasted the goodies coming out of the Wolf Convection Steam Oven at Clarke’s Designer Open House last week. Clarke is the appliance sponsor of the home and this is one of the first showhouses in the U.S. sporting Wolf’s newest oven.



Wolf’s Convection Steam Oven truly is one smart oven.

For each food, the oven knows the best combination of steam and convection. It can actually sense the moisture content of the food and adjust for ideal results.

  • Enjoy fully automatic cooking for particular foods and recipes.
  • Customize your settings or choose full user control.
  • The food probe ensures preferred results.

Select Slow Roast and tell the oven what time you want to serve the meal. It programs itself to finish at that moment. Hot, fresh, with meat properly rested– it’s perfect.

Cooking is Believing!

With Wolf’s precision control technology, the “impossible” becomes an everyday occurrence.

  • Imagine filo-wrapped ice cream. Hot, delicate, crispy-brown pastry surrounds ice cream still firmly frozen. Astonishing. Impossible for any other oven.
  • Place a dozen eggs in the oven, carton and all. Press a button. In minutes, you have hard-boiled eggs for table or refrigerator.
  • Arctic char and chocolate brownies. Ziti al forno and tarte tatin. In the same oven? At the same time? Absolutely. You can cook multiple dishes together with no flavor transfer. You can save steps and save time.
  • It’s spacious enough to roast a 15-pound turkey, or enough prime rib for even your largest group of dinner guests.

Breads and Desserts

Bake bread with crisp crusts worthy of a boulangerie. Cakes rise high and stay moist. Pastries have light, delicate brown crusts and rich centers. Convection steam even produces the bright gleam of an egg wash without the egg.

Meats and Poultry

Prime rib or roasted chicken will be gorgeously browned and exceptionally juicy. You’ll enjoy meats and poultry cooked to precisely the doneness you want with proper resting time accounted for automatically. Wolf convection steam makes your main course as memorable as it is easy.

Vegetables and Sides

Wolf convection steam preserves nutrients. It also ensures delicious results; for instance, you can keep vegetables such as asparagus hot for hours without overcooking. Caramelize onions, fat-free. Create casseroles and gratins from scratch with the push of a few buttons.

Rejuvenate leftovers

For reheating foods, no microwave or conventional oven can hold a candle to Wolf convection steam. From rice dishes to pizza to fine cuts of meat, you’ll be astonished at the flavor and appearance. Even bread several days old becomes bakery fresh again. When leftovers taste fresh and delicious, you’ll waste less food.

We know it sounds unbelievable…so visit Clarke, New England’s official Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom and test kitchen and take a test drive for yourself.