April 25, 2023

What Makes a Sub-Zero Freezer a Must-Have Appliance?

Sub-Zero Freezer between a Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Wine Storage present a sleek, clean food and drink preservation trio in this city condo.

Sub-Zero freezers and refrigerators have stayed at the top of the appliance industry for more than 75 years for one reason: American-made quality. Add a history of innovation that has given us point-of-use appliances, custom sizes to fit every lifestyle and technology that is second to none in the industry, and you start to understand why a Sub-Zero freezer is a must-have appliance.

Sub-Zero ad from 1950s, featuring their Upright Freezer.

Sub-Zero founder Westye Bakke built is his first free-standing freezer prototype in his Wisconsin basement in 1943 and founded the Sub-Zero Freezer Company two years later. Since then, Sub-Zero has become shorthand for superior refrigeration and the hallmark of a spectacular kitchen. Designers and homeowners alike have made Sub-Zero the most sought-after appliance brand. In fact, the real estate industry has confirmed that a home listing that mentions a Sub-Zero in the kitchen sells faster and for more money.

Refrigerator drawers are designer favorites for their point-of-use convenience.

Sub-Zero Freezers…what’s so special?

Sub-Zero Freezer distinctions abound. First the look. You will find Sub-Zero freezers that are full-size, under-counter, and built into drawers. They are sized from 18”- 48” wide and configured for a wide variety of spaces. You can review 60 different freezer options in the Sub-Zero line. You’ll find them paired with refrigerators in over/under, side-by-side, freezer drawer models and more. They can gleam in stainless steel or be clad in cabinet panels to make them totally disappear. It all depends on your vision, design and lifestyle.

A side-by-side 36” refrigerator/freezer can make a bold statement.

Unparalleled Temperature and Humidity Control

Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration technology preserves frozen foods with frigid dry air and refrigerated foods with cool, moist air. Your freezer is not just a “much colder refrigerator,” it’s an independently engineered appliance that has its own mission to preserve foods longer than any other appliance brand. These freezers control temperatures within one degree of set point via intuitive exterior touch control panels. A Sub-Zero’s frigid, dry air prevents frost and freezer burn, providing optimum preservation conditions for each type of food. An advanced air seal around all four sides of the door prevents leaks while conserving energy.

Sub-Zero’s PRO 48 model combines both refrigerator and freezer into one stunning appliance.

Sub-Zero’s Legacy of Longevity

 Most refrigerators and freezers are expected to last a decade, maybe 15 years if you are lucky. Sub-Zero has engineered these appliances to last a minimum of 20 years. Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design and every major function is tested  before shipping. According to Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showrooms, they frequently find homeowners who have owned the same Sub-Zero for up to 26 years.

Sub-Zero freezers and refrigerators have  easy-to-change water filter to keep water and ice fresh.

A Sub-Zero Freezer is Cold as (Delicious) Ice

 Ever put an ice cube in a glass of water and feel like it tastes – even smells – a little funny? You’ll never have a drink tainted when your ice is made in a Sub-Zero Freezer. Many Sub-Zero Freezers have an automatic ice maker with an advanced water filtration system that ensures your ice never tastes or smells like anything other than pure, clean, water. All freezers in Sub-Zero 200/300 Series, 500 Series, 600 Series or Classic series (BI) models have an ice maker. All Designer and Undercounter units with an “I” in the model number (as in ID30FI) have ice makers. This is one more way that food and drinks preserved in a Sub-Zero are kept fresh and delicious.

Complete design flexibility is a favorite feature with Sub-Zero freezers.

Every Sub-Zero has a NASA-designed filtration system that replenishes the air every 20 minutes while eliminating bacteria, odors and microscopic contaminants. This is not only a game-changer in a Sub-Zero refrigerator, but also makes all the difference in your freezer. No more freezer burned, ice-encrusted food that is wasted. It’s been calculated that homeowners save $500 or more each year with the superior food preservation benefits built into Sub-Zero freezers and refrigerators. That adds up to $10,000 in savings over the expected lifetime of these appliances.

A Wi-Fi capable mobile app helps Sub-Zero customers monitor freezers and refrigerators from their mobile device. 

The Sub-Zero Wi-Fi Mobile App

 What’s more, Sub-Zero also offers a Wi-Fi capable owners app that helps you enjoy peace of mind wherever you are. Have you ever left on vacation and have a nagging feeling that a family member left the freezer or refrigerator door open? No worries if you own a Sub-Zero Freezer. You can check your Sub-Zero app and it will tell you whether the door is ajar, allowing you to send a neighbor into the kitchen to secure it while you are away. Preventing damage to your floors and loss of food is part of the value of owning a Sub-Zero Freezer. What’s more, if you’re shopping for a party, and realize you didn’t engage the “Max Ice” feature before you left home to ensure you will have plenty of fresh ice for your event, you can do it from your phone, saving valuable time. The app is available to all Sub-Zero, Wolf or Cove appliance owners and offers a long list of helpful benefits. You’ll streamline your daily tasks with the help of remote controls, voice commands, automatic filter and detergent replacements, and routine maintenance notifications. Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove are continuously expanding their growing list of home automation partner integrations as well.

At a Clarke Showroom you can explore Sub-Zero Freezers and hundreds of other world-class appliances.

Test Drive Sub-Zero Freezers at a Clarke Showroom

 Want to see a Sub-Zero Freezer for yourself? With so many options, how do you choose? As kitchen technology becomes more exciting, it can also feel daunting to select the right appliances for your lifestyle. That’s where Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen comes in. At Clarke, you’ll meet experts who are meticulously trained in these technologies. These Clarke Consultants are not kitchen designers, however they are the people that designers rely on for appliance recommendations. When you schedule an appointment at Clarke, you’ll enjoy exploring more than a dozen full-scale kitchens designed by the region’s top designers. This is a wonderful way to imagine how this technology will look and perform in your home. Your Clarke Consultant will answer all your questions and, if you would like to discuss purchasing a Sub-Zero Freezer, they will refer you to a trusted retail dealer near you. More than 75% of Clarke visitors report that the consultants’ knowledge is the top reason to visit. You will learn more in just one hour at Clarke than in months of your own research. Schedule an appointment today and have all your questions answered about Sub-Zero Freezers.