September 30, 2022

What can I expect from my Wolf Induction Cooktop?


If you are under the impression that you need to sacrifice cooking performance for energy efficiency, the Wolf Induction Cooktop will change your mind. It offers superior cooking performance, unsurpassed energy efficiency and a surface that makes cleaning a breeze. A Wolf Induction Cooktop is 90-95% energy efficient. This savings is significant, especially at a time when the cost of energy generation is a hot topic. There is simply no heat wasted with a Wolf Induction Cooktop because energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel. In addition, an induction cooktop offers 40% faster temperature response than gas or electric alternatives. This means faster, more controlled performance.

Downdraft ventilation can be built into your island to accommodate the energy-efficient cooking you’ll do on your Wolf Induction Cooktop.

How does induction cooking work?

When an induction-compatible pan is placed on the cooktop, currents are induced in the pan and heat is instantly generated. It’s important to consider that induction cooking will only work with cooking vessels made of magnetic materials, such as cast iron and magnetic stainless steel. It will not work with aluminum, glass or copper cookware, which is important to keep in mind, so you are ready to use your new appliances when they are installed.

“We probably demonstrate Wolf Induction cooking more often than anything else in the Boston Showroom,” shared Clarke Showroom Manager Jeremy McCulla. “Visitors are always blown away by the speed and control that is evident when we simply boil water on a Wolf Induction Cooktop. You see a pot of water go from cool to boiling within seconds. Seeing it in action is very helpful when learning about the technology.”


Wolf Induction Cooktop with Intuitive touch controls

What’s even more exciting, according to McCulla, is how the temperature can be reduced with the same speed and then stay at an even temperature, allowing you to hold delicate sauces or melted chocolate at a perfect simmer or melt for as long as needed.

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Safety is a key benefit of cooking on a Wolf Induction Cooktop.

If energy efficiency is not inspiring enough, there are additional benefits to using Wolf Induction appliances. Safety is a major benefit. Many visitors to Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen, are amazed to find that the Wolf Induction Cooktop doesn’t get hot like its electric counterparts. The induction cooktop detects when cookware is removed and stops generating heat. The inside of the cookware is hot when cooking, but the burner and cookware lid are cool. Even if the cookware were to boil dry, the cooktop would stop generating heat by monitoring the voltage drop caused by resistance to the current. This makes induction cooking appliances safer for small children who might put their hands on the cooktop surface and for elderly cooks who may forget to turn the stove off or remove a pot.

Cleaning a A Wolf Induction Cooktop - A woman cooking

What about cleaning a Wolf Induction Cooktop?

While their glass appearance may look daunting to care for, Wolf Induction Cooktops are easy to clean and are extremely resistant to scratching and staining.  Wiping your cooled cooktop surface with a lightly dampened cloth or blue Scotch-Brite™ pad may remove all marks and stains. If you have had a spill or cooked on residue, you can use a razor blade scraper to remove debris without concern for the cooktop. The Ceran top is very resistant to scratching from a razor blade. You will receive a special cooktop cleaning cream with your appliance, which can be reordered as needed. Vinegar and a “magic eraser” are also helpful for cleaning. Most homeowners find cleaning this appliance to be more convenient than other cooking surfaces they have experienced.

The Ceran cooking surface of a Wolf Induction Cooktop is easy to clean and it is very resistant to scratching. 

Boosting and Bridging

Many cooks value the Boost feature on Wolf’s Induction Cooktop. With a touch of the control, you can boost the heating element to heat even faster and hotter. Another interesting feature is the Bridge element. This feature engages multiple burners to provide a larger cooking area to allow for use of griddle, open roaster or fish poacher cookware. It senses your pan on two or all four burners, providing a larger cooking surface for specific cooking needs.

The bridge function on your Wolf Induction Cooktop allows you to bridge the heat on two burners to accommodate a griddle pan like the one here cooking perfect salmon.

Clarke invites homeowners to access their “Ask the Chef” service, providing a professional chef to answer questions and demonstrate the use and care of your appliances once you have them in your home. These private sessions are available in person in the showroom or virtually via Facetime or Zoom. This is a great way to learn about special features like boosting and bridging on your induction cooktop.

Take a Wolf Induction Cooktop Test Drive

There’s no better way to evaluate whether an appliance will work for your lifestyle than trying it for yourself. Schedule a visit to a Clarke Showroom in Boston Seaport, Milford, Massachusetts or South Norwalk, Connecticut where you can have all your questions answered and take a Test Drive on a Wolf Induction Cooktop and many other appliances.