August 14, 2014

Learn Why Sealed Dual-Stacked Burners Matter on Your Wolf Range

When you are comparing kitchen appliances, you have many options and it is very easy to get confused. When it comes to gas ranges, Wolf has set the standard. Many people ask us what is so unique about Wolf’s sealed, dual-stacked burners. Is it just marketing? Does it make a difference in the performance of the range or rangetop? Should the homeowner really care about this feature?

The one-word answer is: Yes.

And here are 3 reasons why Wolf’s Sealed, Dual-Stacked Burners matter…

1. Wolf engineers their cooking equipment with unparalleled performance, flawless results and ease of cleaning in min. Wolf sealed, dual-stacked burners are a patented design that offers two levels of flame ports that deliver precise heat in every burner on your Wolf Gas Range.

The upper level of the burner offers impressive 15,000 Btu power for fast boiling, searing or stir-frying. Then merely turn down the illuminated knob and that same burner delivers fine-tuned control and True Simmer on the lower-tier setting. This allows you to have the slightest flame and enjoy a true simmer and delicate control  for sauces low, slow cooking. You can even melt fine chocolate, confident it will never scorch. This feature, unique to Wolf Gas Ranges, ensures that this total control is offered no matter what burner you use on your range top.

2. What’s more, these burners have a feature called “flame recognition” and they will automatically reignite if, for some reason, the flame goes out. This adds a new level of safety to gas cooking.

3. And finally, these burners sit slightly elevated and they are sealed, to assure that cleaning is exceptionally easy.

It all sounds so simple, and yet years of research and engineering went into Wolf designing and patenting this feature that makes Wolf Gas Ranges and Rangetops stand apart in the industry.

The best way to assess whether Wolf’s unique features matter in your kitchen is to take a Wolf Test Drive at Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen in Milford, Massachusetts and South Norwalk, Connecticut. Make an appointment today to see for yourself how the extraordinary control of Wolf cooking can bring you kitchen confidence.