August 21, 2020

Today’s Dream Kitchens Include a Galley Workstation

Galley 4-IWS4SBA Apron Front with Matte Tap

Did you know that many kitchen designers today feel our lifestyles now require a far more sophisticated layout philosophy than the “kitchen work triangle” principle that has long been touted as the holy grail of kitchen design? In fact, one company has stepped in to revolutionize kitchen design by creating a new way to think about dream kitchens: The Galley.

Dream Kitchens start with a Galley Workstation

The Galley Workstation represents a whole new category of kitchen appliance, a complete culinary system where you can prepare, cook, serve, entertain and clean all in one central and convenient place. The kitchen is even more functional and ergonomic with a cooktop next to the Workstation. This new kitchen work line concept is much more efficient than the traditional work triangle.

The Galley is the brainchild of Arkansas-born kitchen designer Roger Shollimer. He was always thinking about the “next thing in kitchens,” and wanted to find a new way to bring friends and family around a central hub focal point in his own kitchen. While kitchen islands were touted as the answer, Shollimer felt they really didn’t do the job the way he envisioned. His creation – The Galley Workstation – is now becoming the centerpiece in dream kitchens across the country. In fact, Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen has recently become The Galley’s distributor throughout New England, offering a place for designers and homeowners to learn all there is to know about embracing The Galley in their next kitchen design.

Dream kitchen buffet with a Galley Workstation

Personalizing your Galley Workstation is what this new kitchen revolution is all about. No more cooking in the kitchen and then setting up a buffet on an adjacent table to serve. No more searching for your antique wood bread board and French marble or slate cheese server in time for the party. Everything you can imagine for food prep and serving is already part of the accessories that beautifully fit into your Galley. The Galley comes in six sizes and can be configured with colanders, cutting boards, bowls, drain racks, utensil caddies, knife blocks and much more. These accessories are designed with marine grade stainless steel and trimmed with one of four beautiful finishes: Natural Golden Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite, Exclusive Gray or Designer White Resin.  What’s more, each Galley Workstation is designed and handcrafted right in the U.S. How’s that for the starting point of your new dream kitchen?

Transform five feet of space into 15 feet of dream kitchen function

According to Kevin Roy, owner of KRB Kitchen + Bath Design Center, a five-foot Galley Workstation gives you the equivalent of 15 feet of workspace. He likes to dispel the myth that The Galley requires a big kitchen. In fact, Roy says he loves designing them into small spaces.

Transform five feet of space into 15 feet of dream kitchen function

So whether your dream kitchen is small or palatial, you’ll want to talk to your designer about exploring The Galley at the outset of your project to see if it inspires you as it has many homeowners. The best way to learn all about The Galley is  to schedule a hands-on experience at a Clarke Showroom in Boston Seaport, Milford, MA or South Norwalk, CT so you can appreciate all of the benefits to be discovered with this ingenious kitchen design innovation. Clarke’s showroom consultants will take you through all of your options with an interactive visit where all of your questions will be answered.