November 11, 2022

Three Wolf Appliances That Make Holiday Entertaining Easier

One Wolf appliance that makes holiday entertaining easier is the Wolf built-in coffee system.

The holidays are approaching and this is the time when your Wolf appliances remind you why you purchased them. From gourmet modes with dozens of recipes baked into their technology to specialty appliances that serve up the perfect gourmet coffee or cocoa and keep pies warm until you are ready to serve, Wolf appliances bring the holidays to life. Here are just three examples of how Wolf makes holiday entertaining easier.

Wolf appliances bring a holiday kitchen to life with unsurpassed performance and features that make entertaining easy.

Perfection in a Drawer

Many homeowners don’t even think about warming drawers. They’re small and might seem superfluous when you’re planning a kitchen. You might even think you don’t need them because you’re investing in a Wolf range or ovens. However, Wolf warming drawers are a surprisingly versatile kitchen tool. With this unique Wolf appliance, you can serve every dish at its proper temperature. Wolf warming drawers pick up where your Wolf oven leaves off. They are engineered to uniquely preserve food temperature and quality without compromising flavor or consistency. With superior air and temperature control, a Wolf warming drawer not only assures everyone has a warm meal, but it can also heat plates, keep holiday pies warm and even warm towels (to wrap around the kiddos when they come in from sledding!)

The Wolf warming drawer is perfect for keeping pies - and pie plates - warm until guests are ready for dessert!

Your Personal Barista

Can you imagine treating your family and guests to professional-quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato right in your home? How about hot tea and holiday cocoa from the same appliance? With a Wolf built-in coffee system, you’ll enjoy all of these and more.

The Wolf built-in coffee system seamlessly fits into a kitchen, beverage station or master suite, making it one of the most adaptable Wolf appliances.

Wolf’s Built-in Coffee System requires just 24” of space, no plumbing and it will change your world. The full-color touchscreen lets you easily customize every aspect of your beverage. Six independent user profiles ensure favorite formulas are just a touch or two away. In addition, cleaning is a breeze. The system is self-cleaning, automatically rinsing at startup and shutdown. Thanks to the unique design of the insulated milk container, milk bypasses the system, making cleaning as simple as a twist of the froth regulator knob. If you don’t have a Wolf Coffee System for this holiday season…you may want to put it on your list for Santa so you have it in place next holiday season!

The Wolf Speed Oven is the perfect companion for the Wolf built-in coffee system, especially during the holiday season.

Prepare More in Less Time

The Wolf Professional Speed Oven is a singular appliance, providing a combination of unique features that are valuable in your kitchen year-round, and exceptionally sought after during the busy holiday cooking season.  A Wolf speed oven combines microwave, convection and broil technologies all in one easy-to-use appliance. It provides more cooking power than a traditional microwave and assures predictably delicious results with 10 microwave power levels, convenient quick-start modes and its own intuitive Gourmet mode.

Who doesn’t want to save time around the holidays? Micro Bake and Micro Roast modes reduce or completely eliminate pre-heat times. Quick-start controls for popular operations such as Defrost, Keep Warm, Reheat and Popcorn also make operation easy and when you select from the Gourmet guide on the control panel, the oven will do the rest.

Wolf appliances make holiday entertaining easier and more delicious.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

With a little planning, any of these three appliances can be integrated into an existing kitchen, making them a wonderful holiday gift. The ideal way to get all your questions answered is to visit a Clarke Showroom in Boston’s Seaport, Milford, Massachusetts or South Norwalk, Connecticut. Clarke will help you select the model that is right for you and then connect you with a trusted retail dealer in your area.