June 25, 2019

Clarke Unveils the New Sub-Zero Pro 36


A Bold Professional Look in a Smaller Package

PRO refrigeration, Sub-Zero’s boldest, most iconic design, was an instant hit when it came on the scene several years ago. Its 48” wide all stainless or stainless with glass refrigerator door designs changed the face of kitchens throughout the country. Now this bold, professional look known for its equal parts sculpted stainless steel, design statement and culinary secret weapon is finally available in a 36-inch-wide model. This means the stunning PRO look and unparalleled features can fit into almost any kitchen.

“Everything about this new Sub-Zero is spectacular,” explained Clarke Corporate Showroom Director Marco Barallon. “For designers who are looking for a new way to make a stunning kitchen statement, you can create a six-foot-wide food preservation armoire by placing two 36” PRO units side by side – one with a left hinge, the other with a right – with the glass doors, this is like nothing you’ve ever seen in kitchen design. Beyond the show-stopping look, discerning homeowners love the features.”

Only .3 Cubic Feet Less Refrigeration than a PRO 48!

While the PRO 36 fits into a significantly smaller space than its 48-inch-wide predecessor, it offers 18.4 cubic feet of refrigerator space. This means you only reduce your refrigerator compartment by .3 cubic feet from the PRO 48. With this new model you actually enjoy more refrigerator space than in Sub-Zero’s Classic 36” Over-and-Under unit or Sub-Zero’s 42” Classic Side-by-Side. If you need more freezer space, Sub-Zero’s freezer drawers can be incorporated nearby or in an even more convenient point-of-use location.

Luxurious Lighting

Lighting creates a very visceral experience and can make a huge difference. The newly enhanced interior lighting in the PRO 36 allows you to control brightness with soft-on LED fixtures. The bevel and diffuser create a soft, luxurious directed light that fully illuminates the interior, allowing you to comfortably find food items.

Carefully Engineered Storage

While the stainless steel interior gives the Pro 36 an even more luxurious look, there are also many features that have been engineered to make using this appliance a joy. “Sub-Zero has eliminated the subtle things that tend to annoy us over time when reaching for food in the refrigerator, like bottles tipping and the need to rearrange items each time you search for something,” continued Barallon. “You’ll not only find three fully adjustable glass refrigerator shelves, but also one full-extension slide out shelf with gates that prevent bottles and other containers from tipping and make locating favorite items easier.”

There are also two stainless steel slide-out bins and one high-humidity crisper drawer with adjustable dividers.

What’s the Key to Superior Food Preservation in the PRO 36?

Dual refrigeration, a Sub-Zero hallmark, preserves refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air. Sub-Zero’s NASA-inspired air purification system scrubs the air of ethylene, mold, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes to keep your food fresher (and healthier) longer. These two features are the key to what makes a Sub-Zero the standard by which all other refrigeration is judged.

If you love the look of the glass door, yet you are concerned that the glass might hasten food spoilage, no worries. This triple-pane, UV-resistant glass door is designed specifically to protect food from spoiling. In addition, the soft-close door hinge (available on right or left in the new 36” model) and magnetic seal on doors and drawers lock in temperature and humidity, further ensuring longer shelf life.

Easy & Precise – The New Control Panel

Looking for the control panel is a thing of the past. You’ll find the intuitive control panel right on the grill, on the exterior of your PRO 36. With the touch of a button, you can set the temperature separately for the refrigerator and freezer compartments and it will stay within one degree of set point.

Get Answers at Clarke

Whether you are working with a design professional or just starting your kitchen journey, the beauty of a visit to Clarke is that you will find all the information you need and not a morsel of pressure to purchase. In this inspirational, non-selling environment, you can explore all of your Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove options in person and have all of your questions answered by a knowledgeable Sub-Zero/Wolf/Cove expert. Stop by any of the Clarke Showrooms to see the new PRO 36.  Feel free to stop in during showroom hours to browse or make an appointment to ensure that a Clarke Consultant will be available to review your project and answer all of your questions.

For your reference, the Sub-Zero PRO 36 model numbers are PRO3650 (all stainless) and PRO3650G (with glass door.) The Sub-Zero PRO 48 model numbers are PRO4850 (all stainless) and PRO4850G (with glass door.)