October 14, 2014

A Simple Way To Clean Your Wolf Griddle

wolf griddle

by Jenny Tredeau, Clarke Showroom Consultant

“How can I clean my Wolf Griddle?” is a question often asked of Clarke’s Showroom Consultants. This conversation typically includes comments like, “My Wolf Griddle has a dark brown patina,” or “It feels like there is a sticky build up,”  and “My food is sticking to the surface.” If you have visited one of our Clarke Showrooms (in Milford, Mass. and South Norwalk, Conn.) when shopping for your griddle, then you probably had this question answered before you even purchased your appliances. If you haven’t visited a Clarke Showroom, then I’d like to share this key information with you.

wolf griddle

It’s important to clean your Wolf Griddle so that the wonderful performance continues to deliver the cooking experience you want. This is simple when you use Wolf’s Griddle Cleaning Kit. The kit consists of the same product that restaurants use to clean their commercial griddles.

Here are a few simple steps to get the most of your Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit every time…

1. Simply heat the griddle to about 250-300 degrees.

2. Drizzle some of the glycerin-based cleaning liquid onto the griddle, just as you would drizzle your cooking oil before using. The liquid should “bubble” on the surface. If it smokes, it’s too hot, if it just sits there, it’s too cold.

3. Attach one of the Scotchbrite pads to the cleaning tool and scrub away for a few moments. If you have just caramelized onions or prepared a Tepanaki dinner, you may need to scrub some stuck-on spots a little harder – never be afraid to scratch or scrub too hard.

griddle cleaning kit

4. Then take the squeegee tool and simply scrape the liquid residue into the front of the grease tray. Voila! Your griddle is just like brand new again! You are ready to start your next entrée! French toast, scrambled eggs, crab cakes, quesadillas, veggie and rice stir fry, steak & cheese…with the griddle cleaning kit, you can attempt absolutely anything your tummy desires.

Just recently, one of our long-time Clarke friends, Architect David Andreozzi, thanked us for introducing him to the griddle cleaning kit. His 22-year-old Wolf Griddle (you read that right!) has been a challenge to clean and he reached out in frustration because he felt he still had many good years cooking on it if he could resolve the cleaning issue. Once we shared this information, he used the Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit once and was able to return his griddle nearly to its original condition and he reported that he feels like he’s cooking on it for the first time!

The Wolf Griddle Cleaning Kit can be purchased from your local Sub Zero/Wolf kitchen or appliance dealer or online here.

If you have any other questions about the use and care of your Sub-Zero or Wolf appliances, know that you can always contact Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with a Clarke Showroom Consultant or the exceptional service team at Clarke Customer Care.