February 15, 2014

3 Top Benefits of Smart, Connected Appliances

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by Eileen Komanecky of simpleHome

If you are in the process of planning new home construction or a major home renovation, you may already feel a little overwhelmed by all the options available and decisions you need to make. Now, in addition to that stress, you may be asked to think about whether or not a “smart appliance” is right for you.

If you are in this situation, relax. Smart appliances are nothing to fear. In fact, they can actually make your life a little easier, more energy efficient and provide you with greater peace of mind and control of your home. And with top appliance brands like Sub-Zero and Wolf as leaders in the movement of adding more brains to their beautiful products, what’s not to love?!

Before we dive in and start touting the benefits of smart, connected appliances, it’s important to define what these items are and why they have become so popular in the marketplace. As computer technology continues to become more prevalent in our daily lives, both the cost and the challenge of integrating technology into devices has been greatly reduced. This fact has provided an opportunity for appliance manufacturers like Sub-Zero and Wolf to add features to their appliances that easily and cost effectively allow their products to communicate to other devices and add conveniences and benefits to the end users.

Here are 3 top benefits to smart appliances:

1. Receive timely alerts to a problem – We all know that if we learn about a small problem early enough, it can usually be fixed easily and quickly. However, little problems that go unnoticed can create big, costly troubles. For example, wouldn’t you prefer to be alerted via text that your refrigerator door is ajar, allowing you to take care of the problem quickly, rather than arriving home much later to a refrigerator filled with spoiled food? Also, your smart appliance can notify you, (or, if your prefer, your appliance repair service) when there is a problem or maintenance is required. Problems can be addressed and resolved easily before you even know there is anything wrong. Proper maintenance of your appliances and addressing problems quickly go a long way to keeping those appliances running smoothly and providing years of service.
2. Remote Access – No need to be at home to be in control of your smart appliances. Instead, monitor, control and secure your home appliances remotely. For example, wouldn’t it be nice if to see how much longer your dinner has to cook in your Wolf Convection Oven? Or maybe check the contents of the Sub-Zero refrigerator while rolling your shopping cart down the aisle at the grocery store? While you are at it, why not instruct the robotic vacuum cleaner to spiff up the floors so you can return to a freshly vacuumed home?

3. Energy and Money Savings – Smart appliances have a huge advantage over traditional appliances in their ability to provide feedback to the homeowner as to energy usage. For example, knowing the energy required by the clothes dryer may allow users to make smart decisions about using the dryer for all loads, or to hang drying items in other instances. Also, since dishwashers have different drying settings, it is good information for the user to understand the different energy requirements for the various options. In areas in which energy users are charged different rates depending on the time of day, smart appliances can make it much easier for homeowners to reduce their energy demands during the peak demand periods.

If you are looking for the right smart appliances for your home, Clarke – New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen offers a great way to get inspired, learn about the choices available and decide what will be best for you and your family. Clarke showroom consultants can demonstrate the features of their smart appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko and help you choose the models that are right for you. Schedule your test drive today.

Guest Blogger Eileen Komanecky is Director of Business Development at simpleHome. She enjoys writing about all the advantages that integrated home technology provides to homeowners.