April 22, 2020

Sub Zero’s Food Freshness and Use & Care Cards


There are many functional features of a Sub-Zero that are impressive but sometimes it is the little things that count as well. When I am with a client in the Showroom, I make sure to point out the Food Preservation Card or “Freshness Card” that come in every Sub-Zero refrigerator or combination models. You’ll find it located inside the refrigerator section near the crisper drawers.

The Food Preservation Card is extremely helpful by offering simplified, color-coded recommendations as to where certain produce or fruits should be stored to minimize food spoilage in a Sub-Zero.

Also, Sub-Zero was clever enough to put a summarized “Use & Care” Card in the units as well! This allows clients to easily find out what an icon means on the unit’s digital display without having to search in a drawer or filing cabinet for the appliance’s Use & Care Manual. This card also tells clients how to do everything from replacing the Sub-Zero’s water filter to changing the light bulbs. Here’s an example of the Use & Care Card.

~Karlie Buck, Showroom Consultant