October 18, 2012

Tom Clarke Makes New England Designers an Offer They Can’t Refuse


The time is fleeting to enter the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest. With only a little more than a week left, New England designers have this chance to win not only the top prize of $40,000 for best use of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in a traditional or contemporary kitchen, they have a one-time chance to double those winnings.

That’s right. Tom Clarke, founder and CEO of New England’s official Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom and test kitchen, has offered an additional $40,000 to any New England designer who wins one of the top two prizes in the competition.

He’s doing this to not only increase interest in the contest and promote what he considers to be the best appliances in the world, but also to champion those he calls, “Some of the finest architects and designers in the country.” A New England designer has only won one of these two top slots once in the global contest, which is run every two years by Sub-Zero and Wolf. Clarke believes it is the time for New England designers to get the recognition they deserve.

Here are the prizes at stake…

Global Winners
Best use of Sub-Zero and Wolf in the kitchen. Global winners are chosen from North American and international regional winners.


  • $40,000 first place traditional kitchen
  • $40,000 first place contemporary kitchen
  • $20,000 second place (any style kitchen)
  • $10,000 third place (any style kitchen)
  • $15,000 online designers’ choice award (any style kitchen)
  • $15,000 online peoples’ choice award (any style kitchen)
  • $5,000 North American student winner

All design and construction must be fully completed within the contest period of January 1, 2010, through October 31, 2012. The individual entrant must be the person who designed the kitchen. Entry timeline is January 1, 2012, through October 31, 2012.

Double your money, New England design community. Tom’s made an offer you can’t refuse. Take him up on it!