July 10, 2020

Sub-Zero: Your Best Investment – Part 4


Surprise! You just inherited a (vintage) Sub-Zero! 

When Sean Clarke recently purchased a home in Massachusetts, he was hoping for something in move-in condition and, as a home chef himself, he was interested in the performance of the kitchen. As the president of the company that operates New England’s Official Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove Showroom and Test Kitchen, imagine his delight when he heard that the home he was considering had a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Sean eagerly entered the space on his first tour and took a step back. What he found was a perfectly performing Sub-Zero…that was 31 years old! This Model 550, with its 15.7 cubic foot refrigerator capacity and 6.4 cubic feet of freezer space, was the original refrigerator in the home from 1989 and it was still running like a charm. Sean loves to explain to Clarke Showroom visitors that most families would have replaced their refrigerator three times since his Sub-Zero was installed.

“I joined Clarke 20 years ago and I love to tell customers about the quality and longevity that Sub-Zero offers,” says Sean, who is part of the third generation of the Clarke family to work in the kitchen appliance industry. “I’ve personally verified the claims we make with customers who proudly talk about their lifetime with Sub-Zero appliances. However, it’s an absolute thrill to be able to tell the story from my own experience.”

Home industry experts like Bob Vila advise homeowners that “you can get 10 to 15 years out of a typical refrigerator.” In fact, Sub-Zero is no typical refrigerator with the company hearing from homeowners who have Sub-Zero products that date back 50 years.

Sean isn’t alone in his dedication to a Sub-Zero that has lasted more than 30 years, evidenced by pages of Sub-Zero 550 parts on eBay being sourced to repair this model. It was manufactured by Sub-Zero from 1987 through 1996, and then replaced with Sub-Zero Model 650.  The new model offered updated technology and a host of innovative features yet could reuse the same cabinetry panels on the front of the unit. This meant that the upgrade fit in the exact same space, didn’t impact the look of the kitchen or require an investment in new cabinetry. However, the homeowners who lived in Sean’s home prior to his purchase never found the need to upgrade.

“Several years ago, at Clarke we instituted a ‘$500 for your 500’ offer to inspire people to upgrade to a new model. It was extremely successful and we replaced hundreds of Sub-Zeros with newer technology,” said Clarke. “ It was amazing to see how many people were still using the 500 series at that time and now I’m one of them.”

If it’s been more than a few years since you explored all that Sub-Zero has to offer, you might like to explore a Clarke Showroom to see the wide array of options that allow you to configure your refrigeration in almost endless ways. A Clarke Showroom Consultant can answer all or your questions and, while you are there, they’d  love to hear your Sub-Zero story.

In fact, Sean is talking about upgrading and he can now take advantage of the Sub-Zero Owner Appreciation Offer…and so can you.

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