August 1, 2016

Clarke’s Sub-Zero & Wolf Test Kitchen offers Small Bites


Clarke wants you to taste your future.

That’s the inspiration for Clarke’s new Small Bites program at all three Sub-Zero & Wolf Showrooms and Test Kitchens in New England. The Small Bites program is designed to give every showroom visitor an opportunity to taste the results that can be expected from their Wolf appliances.

The Small Bites culinary program is the pièce de résistance, topping off a showroom experience that includes  private tours of extraordinary full-size kitchens, project consultations with Clarke’s highly experienced showroom consultants and personal Wolf Test Drives. Homeowners have said that they gained more valuable information in their one-hour Clarke showroom consultation than in months of their own research.

And now, homeowners can gleen even more information about Wolf appliances through their own tastebuds. Clarke Chefs Brittany Wezner and John Craig have been collaborating to build a schedule of Small Bites that incorporate the freshest seasonal ingredients and cover the types of delicious food you might want to taste at any time of the day. No matter when you come through the showroom, you will be offered one of these Small Bites.

They can range anywhere from the McClarke, egg and bacon on a homemade cheddar biscuit, to Tide Street Crab Cakes, or something you may have never tasted before, like Tomato Jam, which tops Clarke’s Puff Pastry Heirloom Tomato Tart. No matter what taste you experience, you will not be disappointed.

Many are surprised and delighted to taste the results of the Wolf Convection Steam Oven or one of the Gourmet Modes on the new Wolf M Series Ovens. Your consultant will be happy to describe which Wolf appliance was incorporated into the Small Bite preparation. As a memento of your Clarke visit, the recipe card for the Small Bite that you tasted is emailed to you, along with your product specifications, so you can try it at home. In July, showroom visitors enjoyed the Corn Fritter with Spicy Maple Butter Sauce as the Small Bite of the month to feature fresh summer corn.

If you would like to visit a Clarke Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen (our newest location at 7 Tide in Boston Seaport is now open), browsers are welcome during showroom hours, however making an appointment ensures a more singular experience. Click here to make your appointment.