April 1, 2020

Sharing in the Progress of a Client’s Project is Rewarding

kitchen rendering1

By Jenny Tredeau —

The other day I received an email from a family I met in December. I recall they are a family of five that loves to entertain, including hosting family for most holidays. The father does a lot of the cooking. When we met in the Clarke Showroom in Milford, they test drove the Wolf convection steam oven, griddle and charbroiler. They were just beginning to interview trade professionals for their remodeling project. I was very excited that they were starting their project with appliance selection, as it saves time on the design side when the architect or designer has that information up front.

One of my favorite things about my job is learning about a customer’s family and lifestyle, so I can help recommend the appliances that will be the best match for them. In the email I received, they updated me on their progress since we met. They have selected a builder/designer and have finalized most of the appliance selections. They had a few questions for me and attached a photo of a design option they were considering. I’m always honored to be included in this process and was happy to share my thoughts with them. As Clarke Showroom Consultants, we see many plans and designs, but each one is unique to the people who will use it. I still get excited every time I see how a family is making progress on their project. Right now, I think we all have a new respect for the idea of home and what it mean to us.

Though all of us at Clarke would love to meet you in person, we are not able at this time. But we are here to talk, chat, and email. Whether you are in the midst your project or thinking of creating a new space in the future, we are here to help you. Let us answer any questions you have on our brands, recommend trade professionals or even share ideas about what to cook. The consultants and chefs at Clarke are just a phone call or email away. Stay well!