December 10, 2019

Product Spotlight: Wolf Gourmet

wolf gourmet

Wolf Gourmet is a line of Wolf Products that features countertop appliances, cookware and cutlery to make the cooking experience efficient and enjoyable while using the most professional cooking tools.

The countertop appliances are small enough to fit perfectly under any cabinet or tucked inside a kitchen corner. These appliances are crafted with the highest quality of products with unique features that aren’t offered with any average countertop appliance.


Creating a beautiful kitchen involves every detail, all the way down to the small Programmable Coffee System, necessary for brewing the perfect cup of coffee before leaving for work in the morning. The Wolf Coffee System has five boldness options to create the ideal cup of coffee with your preferred strength, making every cup exactly how you like it. The Accu-Brew™ setting will inform you of how much coffee grounds to add so that you can consistently receive your desired taste. There is no need to stop at the local coffee shop anymore! Become your own barista with Wolf’s Programmable Coffee System.

Featured on Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things of 2019”, the Wolf Gourmet Precision Griddle is another countertop appliance that offers professional-style cooktop features. “When you’re busy Christmas morning with nonstop pancake-flipping and bacon-sizzling for hungry houseguests, you’ll be

grateful to have this stainless-steel stovetop plugged in next to your range,” Oprah says. The Wolf Gourmet Precision griddle is designed with a 12 x 17-inch surface area and can be heated between 150°F to 450°, whether you are steaming, searing, sautéing, grilling or melting.

Wolf Gourmet also offers several other unique countertop appliances including an Elite Countertop Oven with Convection, Pro-Performance Blender, High-Performance Blender, Multi-Function Cooker, 2 Slice Toaster, 4 Slice Toaster and a Stand Mixer. To compliment the countertop appliances, Wolf Gourmet offers cookware for gas, electric or induction cooking. The 10-Piece Cookware Set features an aluminum core with additional layers of pure aluminum and stainless steel to create the finest meals.

If you’re in the market for new cutlery, Wolf Gourmet offers a 7-Piece Cutlery Set including a 10-inch serrated bread knife, 8 inch chef’s knife, 6.5 inch Santoku knife, 3-inch paring knife, honing steel, nonslip shears and a knife block. Wolf’s comfortable handles make prep work less of a tedious task and you will feel in control of the utensil while you’re slicing, dicing and chopping. This cutlery, available in set or open stock, is the perfect addition to any kitchen to ensure precise cutting.

When you visit any of the Clarke Showrooms you can test out the Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances, cookware or cutlery out for yourself. Make an appointment with one of our consultants today!