June 15, 2012

This Summers Top 5 Things Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs


Here at Savoir Fare, we understand that you don’t want to be cooped up in your kitchen on a perfect summer’s night. Join us as we discuss the most important things you are going to need for your grill or outdoor kitchen this summer.

5. A Truly Great Cookbook

There, I said it! You can have all the kitchen tools in the world, but it won’t make a difference if you can’t cook! Even if you are an expert chef, a cookbook is a great way to gain inspiration!

4. Beer Glasses

You see it every summer; you are over the neighbors for a cookout. They have an amazing Wolf Grill, custom apron with “World’s Greatest Griller” displayed across the front, but when you ask them for a beer glass, they hand you a plastic red cup. Stop this horrible practice and serve your favorite beer in a glass that will amplify it flavors. Riedel was even commissioned by Samuel Adams to make a specific glass for their world-famous]Utopias Beer. I don’t know about you but if it’s good enough for Sam Adams, It’s good enough for me.

3. A Knife Set

If it takes you a half an hour to cut through a stick of butter, it may be time for you to switch out your knives. Your jaw will hit the floor the first time you slice through a tomato with a serrated utility knife that is perfectly balanced and sharpened. No more crushing delicate fruit or veggies – you will be a ninja on the cutting board with the right knives.

2. A Thermometer

You are insane if you cook meat without one! I don’t care if you are cooking chicken, steak, hamburger or any other type of meat. You must know what temperature to cook your food to. If you don’t know the temp at the middle of the steak, you risk under (or over) cooking your meat.

1. The Perfect Tongs

A few years back, I bought my first pair of tongs for my grill. I, like many people out there thought that they were all the same so I opted to get a cheap pair. I couldn’t take it after a week. The cheap metal gave a horrible taste to the meat, and the poor construction didn’t allow the tongs to remain closed when I wasn’t using them (making them a pain to store). Do yourself a favor and get a pair of locking tongs that’s going to last you decades, not months.

Happy Grilling,

Brian Bugler – Savoir Fare

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