June 2, 2016

The Tide Has Come In…


By Jenny Tredeau – Clarke Showroom Consultant

Clarke has recently opened a new showroom at 7 Tide, in Boston’s Seaport. There has been so much interest in the showroom that we couldn’t postpone opening any longer, though our early guests are still seeing us putting the finishing touches on this beautiful space. One handcrafted hood hasn’t arrived (and it’s going to be stunning!) The furniture that will make our demo kitchen a “theater” is due in soon. The exterior is still being clad and our  outdoor living space has to wait for that siding to be done. Yet there’s so much to enjoy inside the space already! With the constant updates, we haven’t really advertised yet and were surprised when our first two visitors arrived last week. They were referred to us and said they “heard the buzz about the Boston showroom” and wanted to visit as they begn to plan their remodeling project in Saugus. We had a wonderful tour and they are going to have a beautiful kitchen…we’re so glad they stopped by!

Every day there is a new change here, coming quickly as the tide. The evolution in the showroom mirrors the constant changes in our daily lives. I have worked in Clarke’s Milford showroom for almost 14 years and have been so fortunate to have a five-minute commute each day. With the new location, I was a little nervous about the commute into the city…it seemed a world away from my comfort in suburban Milford. I’ve made the commute a few times now and have to say it is definitely worth the additional travel time to walk into work at a fabulously designed and operated new showroom. I now spend my days in one of the newest, most exciting and talked-about Boston neighborhoods. It’s actually on the map as Boston’s “innovation district.” Pefect place for Clarke.

I now appreciate even more the many clients and trade professionals who have, for years, taken the time to travel out of the city to our showroom in Milford. I am lucky enough to be able to work in both locations during the week now, greeting old friends and new. I am excited to meet more of our trade partners “downtown,” along with  clients who will continue to visit our other Massachusetts and Connecticut locations (New England’s Official Sub-Zero and Wolf Showrooms and Test Kitchens in Milford and South Norwalk.) I appreciate how each of you allow us to learn about your lives and invite us to educate you about all of the exciting products that can help you provide fresh, delicious food, push-button convenience and beautiful surroundings for your clients and your own families.

Watch for news of a “grander” opening when all of the touches are finished, but until then, feel free to make an appointment to explore our new seaside home. The tide is in and we’re thrilled to be here.