If a character in “Mad Men” designed a kitchen today

If a character in “Mad Men” designed a kitchen today

Join E.J. Krupinsky as he shows off his award-winning “Mad Men” style kitchen! As Clarke launches its 2011 Sub-Zero and Wolf Design Contest, we’ve invited E.J. Krupinsky of Lee Kimball, one of last year’s winners, to be a guest blogger.  E.J.’s wonderful entry into Clarke’s 2010 Design Contest is a great example of how Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances rise to the occasion in a contemporary Boston kitchen. We can’t wait to see what the New England design community has in store for us this year! Contest entries will be due by January 20th, so we hope you’re thinking about what you will be entering this year. Visit the Clarke Design Contest online for more information.

A Picture of the Clarke Winner's Kitchen Design. Kitchen has wood floors, black granite counter tops and white cabinets to resemble Mad Men 60's design style.

Clarke 2010 Design Contest Winner – EJ Krupinsky of Lee Kimball Imagine a building in Boston (instead of NY) where characters in the hit series Mad Men might live in the 1960s. Imagine an apartment up in the clouds on the 18th floor, with panoramic views of the city and striking light. Now fast-forward to 2010…our challenge was how to take this architecture and historic heritage and design a kitchen for today. The new design infuses a material lightness and transparency to work with these strong attributes

Mad Men inspired kitchen design that features white cabinets, wood floors, and black granite counter tops.

Program features to be incorporated into the new design include fifteen feet of ribbon windows, four passage doors, a thru space circulation route and a new seating banquette. These conditions made it challenging to provide adequate tall storage, refrigeration, seating and ventilation while staying open and spacious.

We had two corners in the room to place large program items. Sub-Zero refrigeration, tall storage and a Wolf wall oven are grouped to blend with other big cabinets with increased storage depth. This move allowed the other parts of the kitchen to be long, linear, low and open to the views. Concealed Sub-Zero refrigeration drawers and a Wolf cooktop were important details infused. Two planes of glass work as backsplashes and define the working area of the kitchen, while staying mostly transparent and allowing the homeowner to fully enjoy the city views. A lone glass doored wall cabinet inches over the window to gain critical storage, but allows light to permeate into the space through it.

Mad Men themed kitchen design that features wood floors, black granite counter tops and white cabinets

We were pleased to win one of Clarke’s 2010 Design Contest awards for Contemporary Kitchen. It was a joy working on this design and we’re looking forward to this year’s contest.


Check out E.J.’s design on Lee Kimball’s site.