April 16, 2021

Listening is Key at Westborough Design Center


Westborough Design Center’s Claudette Andrew surprised us with her answer to, “What makes a great kitchen design?” While we might expect her to offer tips about the best layout or her favorite new materials, she quickly answered the question with, “Being a careful listener.”

This navy island is a delightful accent in this Westborough Design Center kitchen in Southborough, MA

She explained that she loves being in the design world and helping customers curate their options. “Communication is key,” she explained. “Our Westborough Design customers are looking for guidance, someone to help them understand the process and stay on schedule. I often say to homeowners, ‘Let’s have fun with this design. Don’t get overwhelmed. You want white cabinets, but are overwhelmed by how many different whites there are? Let’s pick three white paint swatches and go look at stone together.’ It’s best when you don’t design in a vacuum. I always recommend allowing different elements to inform each other.’

Some of Claudette’s Favorite Things

Kitchens are totally life changing. That’s what the team at Westborough Design believes. “This is the room where you do so much living,” says Claudette, “so you want to really enjoy being in this space.” She loves introducing textures like honed stone, hardware and lighting fixtures in brushed brass and polished nickel. “I’m enjoying bringing a contemporary industrial feel into some of my client’s designs. They often create portfolios on Houzz and Pinterest before they even visit us for the first time. That’s great, because it gives me a very good idea of what they are dreaming about. It’s a good starting point and then our discussions lead the way.”


Westborough Design Center’s Claudette Andrew designed this contemporary kitchen for Clarke, the Official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove Showroom, in Milford, MA.
You can see Claudette Andrew’s work in person at Clarke’s Milford, Massachusetts Showroom where a custom range hood, contemporary lighting and waterfall edge island are a perfect counterpoint to Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.


The Appliance That Turns You Into a Great Chef

When asked about her favorite kitchen appliance, this Westborough Design Center designer doesn’t even pause to think. “The Wolf Convection Steam Oven, hands-down,” she says. “I’ve never been a great chef and this appliance changed my world. I’ve actually developed a passion for cooking with this oven and I’ve been baking bread like crazy over the past year. The Wolf CSO makes it so easy. I tell everyone about it. When we were eating  out a lot before Covid, my husband loved the reheat feature, because it makes leftovers taste like the original restaurant meal. Now, we use all of its features to cook together. It’s a game-changer.”

Brushed brass lighting fixtures bring warmth to this open concept Westborough Design Center kitchen.

The Designer’s Own Kitchen

Westborough Design Center is often asked for transitional kitchen designs today and they are happy to oblige, however Claudette is being inspired by many of the new sleek, contemporary materials and would love to work with a homeowner in search of a very modern kitchen. When asked about her own kitchen, she laughs and says, “When we bought a new home, I changed just about everything in the kitchen.” The countertops were all replaced with new stone, a rustic species of alder was sourced and finished in a grey stain for her new island and she installed all Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. “Now I love it. It has a Scandinavian feel and is quite eclectic and comfortable.”


The Westborough Design Center Family (Left to Right): Al Lizotte, Claudette Andrew and Andrew Lizotte.
The Westborough Design Center Family (Left to Right): Al Lizotte, Claudette Andrew and Andrew Lizotte.


A Family Affair

Claudette Andrew’s father, Al Lizotte, started Westborough Design Center 30 years ago. Today it’s run by Claudette and her brother Andrew Lizotte, who is their Lead Carpenter and Project Manager. For more than 15 years, Claudette and Andrew have learned every facet of the business on the job with their dad. When asked what she is most proud of, Claudette says, “I’m so proud of continuing my dad’s company and finding a work/life balance that has allowed me to create wonderful designs and raise two great boys with my husband. I love working with my brother and believe we do really good work that creates happiness in people’s homes. It doesn’t get much better than that.”


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