August 7, 2014

4 Ways to Learn About Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliances at a Clarke Showroom

Clarke is New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen with one location in Milford, Massachusetts, right off Route 495, and the other in South Norwalk, Connecticut, right off Route 95. These showrooms are unlike any other place in New England for designers and homeowners creating new and remodeled kitchens.

The buying experience for Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko appliances in New England starts with a visit to a Clarke Showroom and Test Kitchen. Not only will a visitor find dozens of extraordinary kitchen settings, many with live appliances, they will also learn the answers to questions they have about designers in their area, cabinets, counter tops, sinks, faucets, appliances and more. A knowledgeable Clarke consultant can also create a quote for your appliances and send it to a dealer in your area, where final pricing and delivery can be scheduled.

While stopping by during showroom hours for browsing and inspiration is welcomed, a showroom appointment assures that one of Clarke’s experienced consultants will be dedicated to guiding you on your visit, reviewing your project needs and answering all of your questions.

There are four ways a Clarke consultant can help you during an appointment.

When you call 800-842-5275 to make an appointment, it’s helpful for you to communicate the reason for your visit, so that we are sure to reserve the right amount of time and the correct staff member(s) to help you. Here’s a guide to the four types of Clarke appointments to help you.

#1: Initial Appointment with a Clarke Consultant

Why book this?
The New England Sub-Zero and Wolf buying experience starts with this step. This first appointment is where you, the homeowner, can learn everything you need to know about Clarke and our brands without any pressure to purchase. This is helpful whether you are replacing a single appliance or remodeling or building a new kitchen. This is a private tour with a Clarke Consultant and discussion about your design project. It’s helpful to bring drawings or plans for the project, if they exist, and it is helpful to make this visit before cabinets are ordered, as options for appliances may impact cabinet layout.

What happens?
During this 60- to 90-minute appointment, a Clarke Consultant tours with you answering all questions and discusses options for your project. Consultants will ask you many questions about who cooks, how often, design style, design professionals involved, whether you’ve ever had Clarke products before, lifestyle, goals for the kitchen design, etc.

This visit helps to simplify the choices and guide you to the best selections for your project. If you are interested, you may actually take a quick Test Drive of a particular appliance that you are considering. Many visitors have never witnessed the power of Induction Cooking. Others would like to see how a Convection Steam Oven operates. Your Clarke Consultant or the Clarke Chef may help you learn the features and benefits by actually cooking on a particular appliance, as so many times the magic is in the performance and results. During this visit, you will also learn about Clarke Customer Care, Savoir Fare and the many ways Clarke works to ensure your satisfaction before, during and after any sale.

Result of Initial Appointment?
At the end of the appointment, your Clarke Consultant will have created a “wish list” of products and will create a quote, which can be sent by Clarke or taken by you to an authorized Sub-Zero and Wolf dealer, where final pricing and delivery can be discussed. Your Clarke Consultant will offer contact information and the invitation to come back again if you would like to clarify anything. Many customers find our Clarke Consultants to be an invaluable resource as their kitchen project progresses. Some even call the week before Thanksgiving to clarify how to cook that turkey for the first time in their new Wolf oven.

#2: Test Drive with a Clarke Chef or Consultant

Why book this?
If you weren’t ready to try the appliances during your Initial Showroom Visit, you are welcome to book a follow-up appointment to come back and cook on the appliances you are considering. This is unique to Clarke; there isn’t any other place that a homeowner can ACTUALLY COOK on appliances before they buy them. It’s important for Clarke to know which appliances you would like to experience so the staff can be ready with the appropriate food.

What happens?
A Clarke Chef or Consultant works with you to learn the operation of the selected appliance(s) and you can do the cooking. It’s the hands-on nature of this experience that makes it unique. This can be quick (to see water boil on induction vs. gas) or it can be longer (to test three different ovens for specific baking needs.) Just having the experience of push the controls and seeing how the appliance reacts can be extremely important to making an educated choice. In some cases, we’ve had customers bring in their own cookware (and even food) to try out an important recipe. We always say that cooking is believing and welcome customers to take this step if they would like to…that’s what a Clarke Test Drive is all about. 

Result of a Test Drive?
At the end of a Test Drive, you will be more comfortable with your choices and be able to say which appliances would work for your lifestyle. At this time, your Clarke Consultant will be happy to modify your quote to reflect these choices. If your Clarke Consultant hasn’t already given you dealer contact information at a previous visit, that can happen at this time.

#3: Group Appliance Demonstrations

Why book this?
When a customer has had an Initial Showroom Visit and would like additional information in order to make a final decision, he or she may want to come to a group demonstration. These last 90 minutes to two hours and feature a chef cooking on various appliances to showcase important features. This is a more communal experience than a Test Drive.

What happens?
A Clarke chef demonstrates several appliances to a group of 6-12 homeowners. The chef will concentrate more on the appliances that are mentioned by customers when they register for a demo, so it’s important for Clarke to know which models the customers are considering. Homeowners watch and listen to the chef, are welcome to ask questions and will taste the food being prepared.

Result of a Demo?
At the end of a Group Demo, you may be inspired to book a Test Drive to actually cook yourself on an appliance you have seen in the Demo. Or this may clarify your choices and you may be ready to visit a dealer to discuss final price and delivery. You are always welcome to talk further with your Clarke Consultant if the Demo raises questions that aren’t answered in the Demo.

#4: Use & Care Visits

Why book this?
Once a customer has purchased and installed Clarke appliances, they are welcome to book an appointment to ask about specific Use & Care tips. It is important that they have tried to use the appliances or spent a little time with the user manual, so that they have formulated questions they want answered. If you feel that your operational question is simple and can be answered by phone, you are welcome to call your Clarke Consultant, rather than come to the Test Kitchen for a Use & Care Demo.

What happens?
A Clarke Consultant or Chef talks to you about your experience so far and answers your questions (while demonstrating) about specific cooking modes, how to clean an appliance, how to best prepare a favorite recipe, etc. It is helpful if you have explored your appliance on your own, so that you will have all of  your questions ready. This appointment may take 15 minutes or 2 hours, depending on the nature of your questions.

Result of a Use & Care Appointment?
At the end of a Use & Care visit, you should have the answers to your current questions and feel more confident in your kitchen. You can always call to clarify something or book another appointment if a major question emerges later when using your appliances. We are here to make sure you feel you are getting the most from your new kitchen.

We hope this simple guide helps you to understand the many ways you can learn about Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko appliances when designing your new kitchen. Call for your appointment today or learn more on our website.