October 26, 2020

Jane’s Spooky Spider Web Halloween Cake

spide web cake

Clarke may have three full-time chefs on staff, but that doesn’t mean the consultants themselves can’t put on their chefs hat. Showroom Consultant Jane Vitagliano, an accomplished chef in her own right, is always cooking something up in Clarke’s 7 Tide showroom in Boston’s Seaport, and one of her favorites is holiday cakes; you might remember her Peeps Easter Cake earlier this year. Well, she’s back at it with a spooky Halloween cake, decorated somewhere between too beautiful and too scary to eat!

spooky spider web halloween cake


  • Your favorite white cake recipe (doubled) or 2 boxed white cake mixes
  • Your favorite buttercream, cream cheese, or premade white frosting (doubled)
  • 1 cup large marshmallows
  • Black, purple, green, orange food coloring
  • Black sprinkles or black edible marker


For the cake, you can use your favorite white cake recipe, or even boxed, if you prefer.  You will want to double your regular recipe, or use 2 mixes.  Preheat your Wolf oven to 325 degrees on Convection. Once your batter is made, divide evenly into 4 bowls.  Add black food coloring to one, orange to one, purple to one, green to one and stir until color is thoroughly mixed in.  Pour batter into 4 greased 8” round cake pans.  Bake until tester comes out clean – about 25 minutes.  Cool and remove from pans.

*Tip* –  The convection mode in your Wolf electric oven  allows you to multi-level cook as all of the heat is coming from the back of your oven, so all 4 pans can be put in the oven at the same time!

Once cakes are cool, level off top ( if necessary), put black cake on bottom and lightly cover with frosting. Continue with each layer.  Frost cake. Reserve about 3/4 cups of frosting.

*Tip* – To get frosting smooth and even, it really helps to use a cake decorating turntable and flat edge pastry scraper.

Chill cake.

To make marshmallow web – Put marshmallows in microwaveable safe bowl and microwave in your Wolf microwave for about 45 seconds, until marshmallows start to soften and lose their shape. Take small amounts with your fingers and stretch to form webs – wrap around cake.

To make the ghosts, put reserved white frosting in piping bag with round tip and pipe a 2” circle and then a smaller circle on top.  Place in freezer to firm up, then add eyes and mouth with pen or sprinkles. Use to decorate the top of the cake and/or cake slices.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!