September 11, 2020

How to Remodel a Kitchen with Marie Kennedy of Metropolitan Cabinets

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Marie Kennedy is an expert on how to remodel a kitchen

The team at Metropolitan Cabinets has not slowed down during this Covid-19 challenge. In fact, designer Marie Kennedy says this time has been an eye opener for many homeowners. “They’ve never spent so much concentrated time in their homes before and they now realize what they can and cannot live without,” she shared. Many are reaching out to remodeling professionals to figure out what will bring them more efficient living and that often comes to the questions about how to remodel a kitchen.

How to Remodel a Kitchen with Wolf appliances

Define Problems and Overcome Them When Remodeling a Kitchen

Marie says often when someone asks how to remodel a kitchen, her first step is to define the current problems and determine how to overcome them to create a space of lasting beauty and function. She finds that a designer’s key task is listening. She loves when a customer comes back after a kitchen project is complete and says they are enjoying the appliance garage or that the dish peg organizer helps them live more easily. She is delighted to offer solutions to the many small irritations that cause daily stress for homeowners. While everyone she works with wants a beautiful kitchen, she finds satisfaction in combining beautiful finishes with ingenious features that make life easier.

Sub-Zero column refrigerator, freezer and wine storage make a beautiful statement.

Marie’s Tips for How to Remodel a Kitchen for Beauty and Function

  • Marie believes that crown molding can make even the most basic kitchen look high-end if it is installed well. She insists that it doesn’t have to be stacked high, but a simple crown gives a room a finished look.
  • She says Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers are her favorite appliance, due to their incredible versatility. She loves to use them in breakfast/bar combo areas. She strives to incorporate a small mini station like this in every kitchen. It’s a great way to create an area for a quick breakfast prep or for evening entertaining. Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers are also perfect for a family with growing children, enabling you to stash drinks for the kids away from the main kitchen work triangle. Again, removing stress points during the day for everyone in the family.
  • She also believes working with a seasoned contractor is invaluable. They will know all the local codes and permitting processes, which will help you keep your project on time and on budget.

Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops design for Clarke’s 7 Tide Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom

Design features like crown molding offer big impact in this small kitchen designed by the Metropolitan Cabinet team for Clarke’s 7 Tide Showroom in Boston Seaport.

A New Challenge: How to Remodel a Kitchen in a Tiny House

For those who are challenged by a small space, Marie Kennedy would love to help you. She believes small spaces can be very special and she would love to create a micro space with function and beauty. Appliances for small spaces have really changed over the past few years. Now small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance.

  • Sub-Zero column refrigeration and wine storage are available in widths as narrow as 18” and 24”.
  • In an undercounter space, you can fit a 24” Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer or wine storage or place a set of refrigerator drawers for excellent food and beverage preservation.
  • Superior cooking performance can be achieved in a small kitchen as well. Wolf’s 24” E Series Oven offers incredible control to prepare everything from Cornish hens to cherry pie to butternut squash.
  • Wolf even offers their now-legendary Convection Steam Oven in a 24” width. In fact, this oven is ideal for a tiny kitchen, because it is able to perform so many tasks with finesse, making it the perfect oven for all of your needs.

Whether your space is tiny or palatial, traditional or modern, Marie Kennedy and the entire team at Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops enjoy helping homeowners fall in love with their homes again. 

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