December 6, 2016

NPR Radio’s Faith Middleton in Clarke SoNo Showroom


Clarke, New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen, is no stranger to time travel. Really. It happens often when we host celebrity chefs producing media events that won’t air for months. For instance, making sure a Christmas cooking segment is ready for radio or television in December typically means creating the spirit of the holidays months ahead of time in the “studio” at Clarke.

This was the case on a weekday this past October in Clarke’s South Norwalk showroom, where Christmas was in the air. Holiday menus, Christmas cookies and wine pairings were all the order of the day when Faith Middleton of Food Schmooze on WNPR, Connecticut’s public radio station, brought her crew in to produce the holiday cooking episode for their radio show and – since everyone loves to see chefs in action – they produced four video clips for their website on the same day.

The fruits of their labors will air on WNPR radio in Connecticut on December 8th. In addition to the culinary entertainment (and valuable information) provided by Faith and her guest chef Christopher Prosperi of Simsbury, Connecticut restaurant Metro Bis, Clarke Showroom Manager Marco Barallon and Chef John Craig share their knowledge of cooking technology and culinary expertise on the radio show and accompanying website videos. Faith was delightful, bringing a spirit of entertainment and levity to the entire day of production. This woman really loves food and wine and it’s palpable in all she does.

The four videos cover a wide array of holiday cooking tips…

  • How to prepare Beef Tenderloin Provencal for the Holidays (hint: it’s all about four elements – the rub, the tenderloin, the puff pastry and the sauce.)
  • How to make an Omelet (the one dish every home cook needs to master, according to Faith.)
  • Christmas cookies in a convection oven vs. conventional electric oven.
  • Three stellar wines for the holidays – one to offer as a host gift and two others to pair beautifully with your holiday roast.
  • We look forward to sharing the videos with you in December and want to thank not only Faith Middleton for this wonderful opportunity to showcase Clarke’s Connecticut Showroom and Test Kitchen, but also the entire South Norwalk team for their help in making this holiday time travel possible

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