June 15, 2012

Essential Cookware for your Kitchen!


What’s the most important tool in YOUR kitchen?
I have been working for Savoir Fare since it first started and I have been asked this question numerous times. With a vast variety of kitchen supplies on the market today, it’s important to choose the right tool for the job. Are you a constant entertainer who needs a wide variety of stemware? Riedel is the answer.  Savoir Fare is one of the largest retailers of Riedel Stemware in the country. With a wide variety of prices, shapes, and types of glasses you will have no problem finding exactly what you are looking for. We even offer Riedel Wine Tasting Sets, so everyone can enjoy their favorite wines from the appropriate glass. You can view our exclusive Riedel collection here.


The next collection I would like to talk about is the Culinary Institute of America Masters collection. In my opinion, the CIA Masters collection is one of the most under-rated cookware brands in the world. We have tested our CIA knives, pots, pans, and tools against dozens of other brands in the market right now. The CIA brand is the perfect balance of quality, affordability, and elegance. Take a look at our Stainless-Steel ten piece cookware set.  Did you know that all our CIA pans are induction friendly? Did you also know that the center of the 7-ply construction is pure copper (similar to pots and pans up to 5X more expensive)? The Culinary Institute has produced our favorite cookware that we keep using over and over again.

Now that we have discussed the essentials like pans and glassware, it’s time to talk about one of my personal favorite products that we feature on our site. I’m talking about the Staub Cast Iron Grill Pan. I am currently living in an apartment in the city and I have no room for a gas grill. Luckily, I found this grill pan. The cast iron heats evenly and quickly (unlike many flimsy metal grill pans) and produces perfect grill marks on your favorite cut of meat. Most people who know me know that I wouldn’t be able to survive a week without a great cut of meat and thankfully I have my Staub Grill Pan. This is the perfect option for someone who lives in the city or for someone who is sick of not being able to cook on the grill during the long winters (especially here in New England)!
It’s been a lot of fun to help shape Savoir Fare into the great resource it is now. Clarke has been synonymous with luxury kitchens in New England for twenty-years now, and it’s awesome to work with our existing customers to outfit their kitchens with the best tools on the market. At Savoir Fare, we are food lovers, Amateur (and professional) chefs, and always love a good glass of wine. Come take a look at our website, and experience the Savoir Fare difference. We offer no-questions-asked money back refunds, price-match guarantees, and every one of our orders features a personal note from myself (along with my direct phone number) to help answer any questions you might have.

Brian Bugler
Savoir Fare

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