April 11, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Lee Maida

Picture for Spotlight


Lee Maida is a Clarke Showroom Consultant at our Boston Showroom, Seven Tide.  Lee has been in the luxury appliance business for 30 years and a valued member of the Clarke team for seven years this October!  Lee’s love of cooking stems from her deep-rooted Italian heritage.  “Both of my parents were born and raised in Italy, but they met and got married here in the U.S.  I am one of three girls and we were all raised with a great sense of pride for our heritage and were very immersed in the Italian culture and traditions.”  Lee is basically fluent in the Italian language, as she “grew up speaking Italian in the house and spent many summers in Italy with family”.  In fact, one of those summers Lee met her future husband of almost 30 years in Italy!

Before she came to Clarke, Lee earned the renowned title of the “Ventilation Queen” as her position in the world of appliances prior to Clarke focused primarily on the importance of proper cooking ventilation.  Following her incredible years of experience as a Showroom Manager/Product Specialist at her previous position, Lee accepted the Showroom Consultant Position at Clarke.  “I knew Clarke would be a perfect fit for me” says Maida, “I love and take pride in what I do and Clarke provides an amazing platform for me that includes a great sense of pride, energy, spirit and fun that makes this job incredible”.

When Lee isn’t helping Clarke guests get excited about their new, luxurious kitchens, she takes on her other title of  “Dancing Queen”.  “My absolute favorite thing to do is dance”, says Lee, but she also enjoys fashion and interior decorating.  Lee and her husband live life to the fullest as she explains that they, “like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy biking, walking, hikes and traveling.”  When they’re not feeling so healthy, Lee says, “we like to immerse ourselves into our Italian heritage and cook up some of our favorite family traditional meals”.  Lee and her husband take reclaiming the kitchen to the next level as one of their favorite dishes to make together is “Classic Tiramisu, but we recently tried our hand at Limoncello Tiramisu and it did not disappoint!  Delizioso!”

Lee’s favorite part about working at Clarke is “being able to meet so many different people and being involved with so many intricate levels of projects: from a contemporary high rise in Boston, to a cozy cottage on Cape Cod, or a luxurious ocean front home in Newport, RI.  Educating consumers and helping them with their appliance selections that suit their specific needs and lifestyle is truly the most rewarding part and then of course, hearing from guests after they have made their purchase and are happy using all of their new appliances.”

Lee’s incredible background in luxury appliances, her bubbly personality and her genuinely caring spirit is what makes her such a special part of the Clarke team.  Any guest who walks into Clarke’s Boston Showroom leaves as a valued friend or “paesan” of Lee’s.

Thank you, Lee for everything you do from all of us here at Clarke.  We’re lucky to have you!