August 27, 2021

Downsview Kitchens’ Endless Possibilities with Rachel Murphy

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Downsview Kitchens’ Rachel Murphy has a background in Interior Architecture for Hospitality, Commercial and Residential applications. She has learned the kitchen design business from the ground up at Downsview Kitchens in Boston, first as a design assistant, then a technical draftsperson and now a designer. She approaches every project with a simple philosophy, “No two kitchens are the same and anything is possible.”

Sub-Zero PRO Refrigerators echo the glass-front cabinets in this Downsview Kitchens project.

While white kitchens are still popular, she sees the penchant for them waning. “I’m seeing homeowners making bold choices. Clients are looking to do a lot more with different types of wood,” she shared. “They want more texture and warmth in their space.” Specific wood species including oaks and walnuts are now more often requested at Downsview Kitchens, along with a palette of warmer colors in the space. Rachel loves helping clients select the perfect stone for their kitchen, a task that is easy for some and very challenging for others. “I love texture,” she continues, “and the perfect stone can totally change a space.”

Rachel Helps Her Clients Dream

Rachel’s projects run the gambit from clients who are simply looking for someone to execute their specific choices to helping others jumpstart dreaming. “I see my job as curating what my clients really like from the many options they bring to the table,” Rachel says. “I ask a lot of questions, starting with ‘What do you wish you had in your current kitchen that doesn’t exist there?’” This often leads her to specific tasks like measuring the height of a stack of plates that a client wants to store.

“Dreaming can be in big bold strokes, like someone saying, ‘I want an open feeling,’” she continues. “Or it can be very specific requests like, ‘I need a special place for my dog’s bowls or I need shelving to display all of my grandmother’s china.’” Rachel Murphy loves the challenges of each project detail.

Downsview Kitchens designs span from sleek and contemporary to transitional and traditional.

The Wolf Appliance Every Downsview Kitchens Client Seems to Love

There’s no question when it comes to her favorite appliance. “Once they see it in action, the Wolf Convection Steam Oven is the appliance that every client loves,” shares Rachel. “I don’t have one yet, but I hope to in the future.” She shares that if she weren’t a designer, she would love to be a chef, a profession that, like kitchen design, also combines creative combinations to culminate in a wonderful result.

Simplicity is the watchword in this Rachel Murphy kitchen for Downsview Kitchens Boston.

Passions & Projects

Rachel Murphy is excited about the prospect of using her talents on her own dream house. “I would love a house on a lake where the kitchen can be connected to the outdoor space,” she says. “It’s very exciting when you can be one with the landscape and make all the choices about the interior with that goal in mind. I love the challenge of creative storage, to hide things in unique ways and leave others in full sight to make a statement.” Rachel has already helped homeowners realize their vision in hundreds of kitchens and business at Downsview is not slowing down. We’ll keep our eye on her, as she is a designer going places.

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