April 16, 2020

Juggling Breakfast at Home While Hopping on a Conference Call?


Working from home is the new normal, at least for now, and may make breakfast more challenging that before. As you are setting kids up with activities for the morning, making coffee and watching the time for your 9 AM conference call, here’s a reminder that your Wolf Convection Steam Oven is the perfect cooking solution when you’re trying to multitask. This singular appliance allows you to prepare breakfast while keeping your hands and mind free for other things.

Below are two of our favorites for an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast. And both can be prepared for one or more people at once. Simply add more individual bowls for however many you are feeding. The cooking process is the same.

Steamed Oatmeal

Place 1/2 cup of oats in breakfast bowl.

Add liquid of choice – water, milk, almond milk, etc.

Place directly on the rack of your convection steam oven.

Steam at 210 degrees for approximately 15 minutes or until desired creaminess. The longer you leave in, the creamier it will become.

Added a little brown sugar, cinnamon and bananas for extra flavor!

No pan to clean, no need to stir constantly over the stove.


Cooked Egg

Take a ramekin and butter well (or spray with Pam).

Crack an egg into ramekin.

Place directly on the rack of your convection steam oven.

Steam at 210 degrees, to your desired doneness level – 5 mins = runny yolk, 8 mins = harder yolk

Serve over toast with avocado and tomato if desired.

No boiling water, steaming the egg, no cracked eggs…and you can eat it right from the ramekin!