March 31, 2023

Best High End Kitchen Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens

Wolf outdoor gas grills are considered the best high-end kitchen appliance for an outdoor kitchen.

Whether you live in Boston or San Diego, homeowners are looking for the best high-end kitchen appliances to extend the time they spend outside. Once-upon-a-time, dads wanted a high-performance gas grill. Now, entire kitchens are being designed for outdoor living and everyone in the family is getting in on the action. So, where do you begin? The watchword is quality. You need precise design, engineering and manufacturing to ensure your high-end kitchen appliances are best for outdoor use. Sub-Zero and Wolf are known as the crown jewels of kitchen appliances inside and they now offer a full suite of outdoor refrigeration, cooking and storage products to ensure that you can enjoy the same superior performance and stunning design in your outdoor kitchen as you do inside your home.

Wolf gas grills provide all the power and cooking finesse for your outdoor kitchen that their indoor ranges and cooktops offer inside.

The Best High-End Kitchen Appliances Start with Durable Construction

The cornerstone of your high-end outdoor kitchen will be a Wolf Gas Grill. Built with precision-welded, double-walled stainless steel, a Wolf gas grill is the epitome of the best high-end kitchen appliances designed for outdoor kitchens. It is, of course, rust-resistant, ensuring decades of dependable performance. Select from 30”, 36”, 42” or 54” Wolf Gas Grill models. Depending on the size you choose, you will enjoy either two or three individually contained 25,000 Btu grill burners to deliver exceptional high to low control. The LED-lit signature Wolf red control knobs are reminiscent of the iconic Wolf ranges found in high-end kitchens throughout the country. Powerful halogen lights illuminate your cooking surface, a rotisserie and multiple infrared burners make gourmet outdoor cooking a breeze.

Wolf outdoor gas grills are considered the best high-end kitchen appliance for an outdoor kitchen.

Two Types of Heat for More Thorough Grilling

Your Wolf Gas Grill provides two types of heat – direct and radiant from burners and briquettes – to give you nuanced control for everything from seared steaks to grilled fruit to smoked trout. Only the best high-end outdoor kitchen appliances put a professional sear on ribs, steaks and chicken with 25,000 Btus. Direct infrared heat seals in juices and flavor, while creating the perfect interior fork-tender texture.

Your Wolf 13” side burner can be built into the counter right next to your grill, perfect for pasta, sauces, corn and more.

Variety is the Spice of Life When it Comes to High-End Kitchen Appliances

 Wolf outdoor ventilation is considered a high-end kitchen appliance you must have for your outdoor kitchen.Beyond your incredible grill, you’ll want to explore a 13” side burner to assure that you’ll never have to run inside to prepare side dishes. While small in size, this high-end kitchen appliance is mighty in convenience and performance. This burner offers 24,000 Btu heat, which is ideal for searing meats on high or scrambling eggs on low. It’s designed with a stainless-steel cover and burner grates to ensure the weather will never impact its mighty performance. Your side burner is the perfect place to warm sauces or add another side dish.

Outdoor ventilation enhances the splendor of your outdoor kitchen by removing smoke, grease and odors. You’ll want to select from Wolf’s 36”, 48” or 60” Outdoor Pro Wall Hood. This high-end kitchen appliance illuminates your cooking area with LED lighting with two brightness settings and it automatically turns on the blower or increases the speed when exhaust temperatures exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit, a feature that is only seen the best high-end kitchen appliances.

Wolf warming drawers are one of the best high-end kitchen appliances to incorporate into your outdoor (or indoor) kitchen.

The Best High End Kitchen Appliances Offer Features You’d Never Imagine

Beyond your high-performance grill, side burner and ventilation, Wolf offers one more way to make outdoor cooking and dining a true delight. Wolf Outdoor Warming Drawers offer unique conveniences that you may have never considered. You can warm everything from towels to tortilla chips or set the temperature higher to keep dishes like pizza or baked potatoes at the perfect temperature while you’re waiting for your meats and fish to be cooked to perfection on the grill. In true luxurious style, Wolf’s wide range of pre-set temperatures extends from 80-200 degrees eliminating the need for you to ponder the right setting for pizza, bread, cooked cereal…it’s all baked into the controls!

Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigeration makes entertaining on your deck or patio a breeze.

Outdoor Refrigeration Might Be Both the Most Exciting and Best High-End Kitchen Appliance

 Take your high-end outdoor kitchen to the next level with the convenience of outdoor refrigeration from Sub-Zero, the company synonymous with built-in refrigerators and freezers for more than 75 years. As long as you stock the refrigerator on your deck, patio or lanai, you’ll keep fresh foods, cold drinks and other necessities at your fingertips, eliminating those pesky trips back inside to your main kitchen. Choose from Sub-Zero’s 24” Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator or 24” Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers. For the ultimate party play, you’ll want a 15” Sub-Zero Outdoor Ice Maker! Produce up to 50 pounds of octagonal-shaped ice per day, and store 25 pounds at a time. Keep soda, juice and cocktail mixings at the ready, along with a constant supply of ice to make every party a success!

The best high-end kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf should be the cornerstone of any outdoor kitchen.

The Best High End Kitchen Appliances Create a Spectacular Outdoor Landscape

 Beside the gleaming grill, ventilation, warming drawers and outdoor refrigeration, don’t forget the storage. We all know how important storage space is for any gathering place.  Sub-Zero and Wolf offer matching stainless-steel outdoor storage drawers, outfitted to accommodate trash, cleaning supplies, grill accessories and more. Just like when you design your indoor kitchen, start with what you will do in the space and design the appliances and storage into your outdoor kitchen plan. Dining al fresco has never looked – and felt – so good!

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