April 5, 2014

What Makes a Range Hood Great? BEST Knows.

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Whether you are a designer or a homeowner, you may recognize the BEST Range Hood brand for their Italian design-inspired Sorpressa Collection, which made kitchen ventilation as much a piece of art as it is a range hood. Now, in an effort to take their products to a new level, BEST has done extensive customer research to explore how they can make their products even better.

While aesthetics are important, research shows that homeowners want three key things in ventilation today:

  1. Keep quiet! Homeowners want superior ventilation without the noise.
  2. Get smoke and food odors out fast. Today, with homes more air tight than ever, homeowners are very concerned with air quality and want ventilation to provide fast and efficient removal of smoke and food odors.
  3. Save energy and money. Homeowners are demanding technology that optimizes energy usage and saves utility costs.

The BEST iQ Blower System™ is the result of this research and it is currently available in 18 BEST range hood designs. What’s more, this first-of-its-kind blower system has recently been recognized by Better Homes and Gardens: Kitchen + Bath Ideas magazine as one of the 30 Most Innovative Products in kitchen and bath design of 2014.

The 30 Most Innovative Products were carefully selected by the magazine’s editors based on function, style and cutting-edge technology. The iQ Blower System is listed among the most highly-rated products that offer consumers “the opportunity to significantly enhance their home experience in new and exciting ways,” said Samantha Hart, editor-in-chief, Kitchen + Bath Ideas. “These top products work better, faster, smarter than ever before.”

Unlike standard internal blower systems, the intuitive iQ Blower System detects problems in the duct system using its unique Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) technology to ensure the range hood is operating at the optimal level.

With GPS technology, the iQ Blower System provides up to 30 percent faster smoke
and odor removal than competitive blowers.

 The BEST iQ Blower System is up to two times quieter than comparable
high-performance range hoods.

The BEST iQ Blower System is up to 22 times more energy-efficient than comparable products,

providing homeowners with a longer lasting product and the ability to save money on utilities.

It’s a pretty compelling story, isn’t it? For a complete list of the BEST range hoods that employ the iQ Blower System, click here.

Ventilation can be one of the most confusing decisions when designing a new kitchen. Architects, designers and homeowners all find the expertise of Clarke’s showroom team to be extremely valuable when selecting ventilation systems. While Clarke is known as New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen, their two locations (Milford, MA and South Norwalk, CT) are also the only places to find a comprehensive selection of working models of BEST hoods and a showroom team who can answer all of your questions including how to calculate how large a hood you need to keep your air fresh and your family safe.

You are welcome to stop by during showroom hours or you can make an appointment to ensure a showroom consultant is available to review your project and explain the differences between the many BEST models. We hope to see you soon.